Why PDR Lighting Is Used in PDR Estimates

One of the most common vehicle damages that occur is dents and dings. You don’t even have to be actively involved in the accident for these to happen. Since they’re so common, automobile technicians have come up with several ways to fix these damages efficiently. One of these methods is paintless dent repair or PDR.

What Is PDR?

PDR or paintless dent repair is a non-invasive method of dent repair. It doesn’t involve any extra material or paint. This method of dent repair is cheaper and quicker. 

How Does Lighting Affect PDR Estimates?

Once you have a dent or ding, you must take your car to the auto shop immediately. Here, the certified PDR technicians will look at your car under the PDR lighting and inform you if they can conduct PDR on your vehicle.  The technicians must ensure that the paint has not moved from the ding to conduct PDR on dents. It must be intact. They will also then prepare an estimate. 

You will notice that this estimate mentions the number of dents as a lot more than you initially thought. Auto-shops look at the car under the perfected PDR lighting. The PDR lighting lights up the car from all angles, so it’s easy to locate the dents. They can thus give you a more accurate estimate of the PDR job, which will fix all your dents.

Importance of PDR Lighting

You should take your car to a PDR specialist even when you’re not entirely sure that it has a dent or ding. You need to remember there are dents you cannot see unless you have a proper light source. Some PDR shops also provide you with an estimate if you only send them a picture. However, when you take these cars into the shop, the overall cost increases because lighting helps technicians look at the car more clearly, so they know where PDR may be required. It helps them give you a more thorough evaluation. 

Why Choose PDR?

Paintless Dent Repair or PDR is one of the best ways for you to get your dents and dings fixed. We have listed some of its benefits below.

1. It is not expensive

PDR doesn’t use any extra paint or material, which means you likely don’t have to spend any extra money. You’re going to pay only for the PDR technician’s labor.

2. It is convenient 

It takes most certified technicians only a few hours to get your car looking as good as new. You can drop off the car in the morning and have it back by night.

3. It is environmentally friendly.

If you’re someone who cares deeply about the environment, you’ll be happy to know that PDR doesn’t release any toxic chemicals into the atmosphere. 

Why You Should Visit the Dent Guy 

Here, at the Dent Guy, customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We have many certified technicians who will get your job done in no time. 

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