What Type of Hail Damage Should You Be Looking for on Your Car in Rochester?

Do you know how important it is to detect and quickly repair hail damage on your car?

Even slight hail damage on a fairly recent car model can reduce its value anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000. A huge cost bump if you compare it to the cost of fixing hail damage immediately, or even multiple times.

You may think to wait out the hail season before getting the slight hail damage repaired but this is not the best idea. If your car suffers damage from more than a single hail event, it may be past the point of getting a Paintless Dent Repair (PDR), which should always be your preference for hail damage.

What Is Paintless Dent Repair (PDR)?

PDR is the latest and best technique for dent repair. Unlike traditional dent repair, it does not involve any fillers, sandpapers or repainting. It is carried out by certified PDR technicians and is much more efficient and better than traditional dent repair.

Especially when it comes to hail damage on your car, there is no better option than PDR.

Different PDR Techniques for Hail Damage

Certified PDR technicians, like the ones at The Dent Guy in Rochester, New York, use different PDR techniques to repair the various parts of your car suffering from hail damage.

·       Doors, Hood, Trunk, Etc.

These parts of your car do not require any removal of parts and The Dent Guy’s certified PDR technicians simply repair them through normal PDR techniques.

·       The Roof

The roof faces the brunt of the hit from hailstorms. Unlike most parts of your car where there is no need for disassembly of any kind, the roof may require the removal of internal upholstery, repair of the roof by a certified PDR technician and then reassembly of the upholstery.

Benefits of PDR

There are some really good benefits of PDR, especially when compared to traditional dent repair, they include:

·       Saving Money

Since there are no extra costs of fillers or paint for your PDR, you save money that would otherwise be spent on these products. This also makes PDR a more inexpensive option compared to traditional dent repair.

·       Saving Time

The lack of repainting and drying in the PDR process means that you do not have to wait days to get your car back. You can get your dents fixed in a few hours on the same day that you bring your car in. In fact, The Dent Guy PDR technicians are so skilled that they can repair up to 5 or 6 hail damaged cars a day.

·       Saving Paperwork

The inexpensive costs of PDR mean that you can pay out of pocket and never file a car report with your insurer. No hassle of paperwork and once your car is repaired, even your insurer will not be able to tell that there was a dent to begin with.

·       Saving Value

Since PDR restores your car to its original state and does not tamper with the original paint coat, you save a lot of its resale value. This is unlike traditional dent repair, where you lose more and more resale value with each repaired part.


Do not wait out the hail season or let hail damage diminish your car’s value and aesthetics. Identify any hail damage and quickly get it repaired from the best certified PDR technicians at The Dent Guy Dent Repair in Rochester, New York.

It will only take a few hours and save you plenty of time, money, paperwork and resale value. All things that should be a priority for anyone who wants to maintain the longevity and value of their cars.

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