What Should You Look For When Choosing a PDR Company?

These days, most car owners in Rochester, NY, are aware of paintless dent repair (PDR) and how it is superior to conventional dent repair methods from traditional auto body shops. However, they may not know all the key benefits or the things they should look for when choosing a PDR company.

Today, we will explain what you should look for in a PDR company and the key benefits of PDR you can expect from a top PDR company like The Dent Guy in Rochester, NY.

What Should You Look For in a PDR Company?

PDR is a simple yet effective and restorative dent repair process. It eliminates the need for drastic repair procedures like repainting, sanding, filling, or replacing body panels. The lack of extensive body work is the core difference between PDR and conventional dent repair.

It equates to all the benefits of PDR over conventional dent repair from traditional auto body shops. These benefits include less downtime and waste, cost-efficiency, low repair prices, excellent restoration results, and retention of your car’s originality and resale value.

Nearly all PDR companies eliminate conventional dent repair’s invasive and time-consuming processes, but they may not provide all the benefits. Here are the key things to consider when choosing a PDR company, especially if you want to avail the full benefits of PDR over traditional auto body shops.

  • Experience

Perhaps the most important thing to consider is the technician’s experience performing PDR on your car. PDR has a learning curve, and the craft takes time, training, and practice to perfect.

You want to opt for a PDR company whose technicians have at least five years of experience with the craft or preferably more. Having substantial experience ensures that the PDR technician has experienced and repaired nearly all types of dents and dings with PDR on most makes and models of vehicles.

  • Insurance Acceptance

You want your PDR company to accept your auto insurance and work properly with your insurance company. You should confirm which insurance is accepted when your vehicle needs extensive PDR for hail damage repairs.

  • Guaranteed Satisfaction

Any PDR company worth its salt will always stand behind its work. You want your PDR company to guarantee customer satisfaction, like The Dent Guy of Rochester, NY. It is a great sign that the PDR company trusts their work enough for you to trust them with your car.

  • Free Estimates or Quotes

If a PDR company charges you for estimates and quotes to repair your dents and dings, they are likely more interested in your money than everything else. Such vendors typically have higher repair prices and sell the novelty of PDR rather than good results and services that build long-term relationships.

  • Customer Reviews

Lastly, as with any vendor, you want to check the online customer reviews of the PDR company. Checking reviews helps you gain valuable information about their practice and services. A trusted PDR company like The Dent Guy will always have hundreds of 5-star reviews from satisfied customers.

The Dent Guy Is the Best PDR Company in Rochester, NY

Dan, “The Dent Guy” of Rochester, has everything you look for in a PDR technician or company. With 30 years of automotive experience, 100% guaranteed customer satisfaction, hundreds of 5-star reviews, unmatched PDR results, and comprehensive insurance acceptance, you can trust Dan to take good care of your car.

We highly recommend that you opt for PDR from The Dent Guy for all the dents, dings, creases, and hail damage repair of your vehicles.

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