What is RestorFX?

Have you ever thought of giving your old car an update through a restoration process called RestorFX? No? Never heard of it before? Well, you’re in luck because this service is offered at The Dent Guy in Rochester, New York.

RestorFx is a professional restoration system that permanently brings the luster of the original paint finish back to life through smart reconditioning. It’s life having a new car again! Utilizing the Paintless Clearcoat Repair (PCR) technology, RestorFX can cover up scratches and remove scuffs without bodyshop repaints or temporary detail polishing, which maintains the car’s integrity. Once treated, your vehicle will have a permanent durable finish that meets the industry standards for servicing, maintenance and cleaning that will last the lifetime of the vehicle.

How Does RestorFX Work?

Unlike conventional methods, certified technicians do not remove the clear coat of your car in order to add wax or sealant to temporarily protect and hide damages like scratches on your vehicle. Instead, the clear coat is left intact and RestorFX is then added on top to rejuvenate your vehicle. This process may sound simple, but it does require prior steps to be completed before RestorFX can be applied. 

First of all, any attached surface embellishments must be removed from the vehicle. Next, the technician will pre-wash and dry the vehicle to remove any contaminants. Then it is inspected under high intensity lights to evaluate whether the vehicle has any spots, damages or dents. Followed by a chemical test, mechanical surface conditioning, final surface degrease, and excess moisture removal. When this is finished, it is finally ready to be prepped with with one last chemical decontamination before RestorFX is applied.  

Although this concept and technology have been used by dealerships since 2004, it wasn’t until 2019 that RestorFX allowed businesses to add this service and product to their operations, which now spans over 45 countries around the world.With over 15 years of being formulated and tested, it has consistently shown through rigorous laboratory methodology that the coverage is globally proven and unmatched to withstand extreme weather conditions and various climates. 

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Don’t believe what you just read, check out the video on the restoration process of a 2009 Honda Pilot that has over 250,000 miles on it. The Dent Guy applied RestorFX Polymimetic Surface Regeneration to its exterior, resetting its shine to the day it was new! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OoNdqwrU2VI

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