GPR Fixes Tesla Troubles | 2016 Tesla Model X | The Dent Guy | Rochester NY

2016 Tesla Model X: the misaligned quarter panel and bumper cover, the result of a previous impact.

A Troubled Tesla at The Dent Guy

One of our latest repairs is a 2016 Tesla model X. We teamed up with the Rochester Tesla Service Center to repair the quarter panel on the left side where there had been a previous impact. There were few dents on the lower portion of the quarter panel and behind the bumper cover, which contributed to the misalignment of the panel.

Large dent in the car’s quarter panel, under the bumper cover.

The bumper had been replaced by a previous owner, but the panel hadn’t been restored to its original condition. Upon closer inspection, Dan notices that the hatch, taillight, and charging port are all misaligned with the panel. He knows that he’ll need to utilize some extreme glue pulling (GPR) to restore the damage in the quarter panel to its original condition.

Utilizing KECO’s GPR System and ratchet straps to pull the aluminum panel back to its original shape.

FUN FACT: Dan, our master technician at The Dent Guy of Rochester NY, has 25 years of service and training in the collision industry. He is ARC Certified technician and part of the National Alliance for Paintless Dent Repair Technicians (NAPDRT); he is also received recognition by KECO as a certified Glue Pulling Repair (GPR) technician.

The Dent Guy, GPR, and Aluminum Panels:

Glue pulling is becoming a quickly growing part of the collision industry. A lot of manufacturers don’t want technicians grinding metal or welding with a Unispotter aka Stud Gun to remove damage from panels. Glue Pull Repair (GPR) is it utilizes a larger surface area on the exterior of the painted panel to repair the dents, dings, or creases. By using this method for repairing damage on panels creating faster, cleaner, and less intrusive repairs.  Dan utilizes some extreme Glue Pulling Repair (GPR). The Dent Guy uses ratchet straps, KECO GPR System, and Cam Auto Collision Glue.

Dan uses a KECO K-Bar with Camauto high-strength pulling glue.

Before and After: 2016 Tesla Model X quarter panel repair of impact damage hidden under the bumper cover.
Before and After: 2016 Tesla Model X quarter panel repair, damage under panel caused all adjacent panels and fixtures to be misaligned. After restoring the panel, everything lined-up as originally intended.


Teslas are a very cool Electric Vehicle (EV). There is a lot of tech in these cars and also a lot of voltage. You have to be careful with them, there is EV Technician Training that goes over the process and procedures about working on the EVs safely. Teslas have anywhere from 350-375 volts running through their systems. As a rough rule of thumb, just 50 volts is enough to drive a potentially lethal current through your body.

2016 Tesla Model X after Glue Pull Repair (GPR) by The Dent Guy