Tips for Dent Photo Submission

Dents, dings, and hail damage on your car can be a hassle in Rochester, New York. However, a convenient and reliable solution is available at The Dent Guy.

You can get immaculate results from paintless dent repair (PDR) and a free estimate by sending pictures of your dents to The Dent Guy. Whether your dent or ding is small or large, nothing beats at-home convenience, especially when it is for PDR from professional, certified technicians.

However, capturing dents and dings in pictures is not always simple. This is why today we will share a few tips for dent photo submission of your free estimate from The Dent Guy in Rochester, New York.

Tips for Dent Photo Submission

Here, we will discuss how you should go about taking your dent photo submission step by step, giving you tips along the way.

  • Step 1 – Start With A Clean Panel
    Dirt and dust can hide the small details of your dent, so you might want to take a cloth and clean the panel where the dent is located.Tip: Use a microfiber cloth for the best cleaning results.
  • Step 2 – Don’t Take the Picture Directly in Front of The Dent
    You want to take the picture from a 45-degree angle from the panel where the dent is. This helps reveal more detail about the damage.Tip: Take a few steps back, ideally 3-4 feet away from the dent, so that the rest of the panel is visible in relation to the dent.
  • Step 3 – Find a Straight Line in the Reflection
    You want to center the dent with a straight, vertical line in the reflection. This allows the PDR-certified technician at The Dent Guy to understand how deep the dent is.Tip: When searching for a straight vertical line in the reflection, look for a downspout, drainpipe, or pillar around the car. If you can’t find one, place a mop stick, PVC pipe, or shovel in the reflection instead.
  • Step 4 – Submit Your Dent Photo
    You can submit your dent photo for a free estimate at, email it to, or text it to 585-721-6945.Tip: While it isn’t necessary, if you have minimal photo editing skills or know how to use it in your phone, you may circle the area of the dent in the photo for clarity. Just make sure you don’t draw over the dent itself.

Benefits of PDR

Apart from getting the best dent repair results, there are many more benefits to paintless dent repair from a PDR certified technician like The Dent Guy.

  • Fast Service- You won’t have to wait for days to repair dents and dings; with PDR, you can get it done in just a few hours.
  • Less Expensive – PDR costs less than traditional dent repair because you don’t pay for the material cost of fillers and paint.
  • More Value –PDR retains the original paint coat of your car, which means you can retain its resale value for longer.

Why The Dent Guy?

If the convenient, free estimates, superior results, and professional PDR-certified technicians aren’t enough, you also get the friendliest staff and a great customer experience at The Dent Guy. They are professionals who bring the best PDR services to Rochester,PDR-certified New York.

We highly recommend them for any dents, dings, or hail damage repairs you need to get done.

If you want to learn more about dent photo submission for your free estimate, paintless dent repair, or about your customer experience with The Dent Guy, please visit our website today.