The Dent Guy Offers RestorFX as an Additional Service

If you live in or around Rochester, NY, you may have heard of the Dent Guy. It is the most trusted paintless dent removal (PDR) company in New York State, run by Dan the “Dent Guy” himself. While Dan’s dent repair and PDR services are incredible, he has started offering an additional service at his shop.

Similar to how PDR restores your vehicle’s dents and dings, RestorFX is a professional surface restoration system that permanently returns the body of your vehicle back to the luster and durability of its original factory paint finish.

While conventional products may just cover up scuffs, scratches, or swirls, RestorFX uses a polymimetic surface regeneration to permanently remove 99 percent of fading, scuffs, swirls, weathering, and more. It is unlike anything you have ever seen or experienced.

This is possible because RestorFX mimics, replicates, and restores the original factory paint finish and integrates itself into the exterior finish through an advanced application process. If you have to fade scuffs, swirls, or weathering on the exterior surface of your vehicle, RestorFX is the perfect clear coat for restoration and paint correction.

Of course, you still need a professional technician like Dan the Dent Guy in Rochester, NY, to apply RestorFX to your vehicle’s exterior professionally.

Pros and Cons of RestorFX from the Dent Guy

There are plenty of advantages for you and your vehicle when you opt for the Dent Guy’s RestorFX services.


  • Quick, same-day restoration
  • A highly cost-effective solution
  • Efficient application with immense attention to detail
  • Highly-effective paint correction and surface restoration
  • Durable and permanent results
  • Authentic luster that mimics the original factory paint finish
  • Protects your car’s body from the elements
  • Reduces surface maintenance requirements
  • Little to no risk compared to conventional products and methods in the market


  • None, but only if you opt for a highly-trained, skilled, and experienced professional like Dan the Dent Guy

Benefits of PDR With RestorFX

PDR is incredible because it offers quick and inexpensive dent removal, bringing your vehicle to its original state. However, when you add RestorFX to the process, you get your dents and dings removed, your car restored, and the durability and luster of its original factory paint finish.

The combination of PDR and RestorFX will make it seem like your car just rolled off the assembly line. The best part is that no one, not even an expert, will be able to tell it apart from a brand new model.

The Dent Guy Is the Best PDR and RestorFX provider in New York

Dan’s immense experience in the automotive industry and dent repairs make him the best at his job. He is a dedicated technician who takes immense pride in his work and delivers the best PDR and RestorFX results with immense passion and attention to detail.

You can trust his expertise and get immaculate results without having to break the bank or wait for days to get your vehicle back.

If you want to learn more about RestorFX, paintless dent repair, or a free estimate for the dents and dings of your vehicle, please visit our website today.