Garage Door Dents and How PDR Can Repair Them

Garage Door Dents and How PDR Can Repair It

Backed up in your garage door?

Let’s be honest, it happens to the best of us. You are late for work one morning, all tired and groggy, and you do not realize you forgot to lift the wall-sized garage door before you backed into it. Sometimes you might fail to see it one night when the garage light is busted, or you were lost in thought.

Or worse, sometimes you accidently close it on your hood, tail or roof – not your best moment.

Either way, you hit your car on your garage door, and it leaves a ding that sticks out like a sour thumb. You shrug your shoulders and try not to think about it but that does not solve your problems. What you need is a professional Paintless Dent Repair (PDR).

What Is a Paintless Dent Repair (PDR)?

Glad you asked. Paintless Dent Repair, or PDR, is the latest innovation in dent repair that has revolutionized the dent repair industry. It has taken the traditional dent repair method and fixed all its problems of time, money and depreciation.

Whether you have dents, dings or creases on your car’s body, PDR is what you should be looking for.

Technique of PDR for Dings

If you have dings on your car from hitting the garage door, a professional PDR technician like the ones at The Dent Guy can fix them in no time.

Here’s how.

  1. We clean your car from top to bottom to get rid of all the elements.
  2. We place it under LED light to accurately assess and analyze the damage and how to repair it.
  3. Our experienced and certified PDR technician puts their skills to the job and uses a glue slab to fix the dings or by gently massaging the back of the dent.

That’s it, your car is back to its original shape, with no signs of damage in the first place. All without any fillers, scraping and definitely no repainting. Only the skills of The Dent Guy’s certified PDR technicians can achieve this.

Benefits of PDR

There are shocking benefits to getting a PDR for dents, dings and creases, especially when you compare it to a traditional dent repair.

  • Save Time

Perhaps the most beneficial – you save a ton of time when you opt for a PDR. Since there is no disassembly of parts or repainting involved, you will not have to leave your car at the shop for 3-4 days. Instead, you bring it in to The Dent Guy and leave with your repaired car in a few hours on the same day.

  • Save Money

The money you save on PDR is very noticeable when compared to a traditional dent repair. You do not pay extra for fillers or paint, which means you are only paying for the experience and skill set of our certified PDR technicians to finish the job.

  • Save Paperwork

Since PDR costs so less, you can pay out of pocket and never worry about filing for insurance. No paperwork needed and your insurer will never be able to tell the difference after we are done with your PDR.

  • Save Resale Value

Traditional dent repair takes time, costs more and devalues your car with each repaired and repainted body part. PDR does no such thing. Your original paint coat remains as is and this immensely saves the resale value of your car.

Why The Dent Guy

Paintless Dent Repair is not something you want to get done from an inexperienced or uncertified amateur. It is solely a skill-based art and you need the professional experience of our certified PDR technicians.

Our technicians have immense experience working on rare, classic, exotic and common cars, which means if you hit your garage in or around Rochester, New York, you immediately need to visit The Dent Guy.

For more information on PDR, or for a free estimate, please visit our website today.

Top Reasons to Choose The Dent Guy for Dent Repairs

Dents and dings taking the beauty away from your ride?

You should never let dents and dings take away from the original look of your car. If you think dent repairs are time consuming, expensive and result in depreciation of your car, think again. The Dent Guy in Rochester, New York, brings you the best Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) solution for all your concerns.

PDR is the most innovative technique to repair dents and it changes everything that concerns you about traditional dent repair.

The PDR Technique

The PDR technique is highly effective yet brilliantly simple. It involves a skilled and certified PDR technician who follows three steps.

  1. Cleaning the car to remove all the elements for a clean body to work on.
  2. Using a special LED light to identify the damage and assess the right approach needed for it.
  3. Using PDR techniques and skills to reshape the body to its original state.

Although it sounds simple, this process requires experience and the skills of a certified PDR technician like the ones at The Dent Guy.

Benefits of PDR

The benefits of PDR are huge when you compare it to a traditional dent repair.

  • Time

Traditional dent repair requires disassembling the damaged part, scrapping the original paint coat, using fillers and nails to repair the dent, repainting it and letting it dry till reassembly. PDR changes all that, it does not require disassembling, scrapping or repainting of any kind.

This saves you precious time and you do not have to wait for days to let the paint dry out till you can drive your car again. Simply bring it to The Dent Guy, get your PDR in a few hours and drive out the same day, if the damage isn’t extensive.

  • Costs

The lack of fillers and paint in PDR saves you money on extra costs for purchasing these items. You only pay for our certified PDR technicians to fix the dents, dings, creases or hail damage, which means you pay way less than what you would for traditional dent repair.

  • Paperwork

Since PDR is so inexpensive, you can pay out of pocket and not have to worry about filing paperwork with your insurer. They will never know of the damage once The Dent Guy is finished, even if they examined it.

  • Value

No repainting means your original paint coat remains the same, saving you tons of money on your car’s resale value. This is something you will never get from traditional dent repairs.

Why Choose The Dent Guy

The Dent Guy have more than 30 years of experience under their belts and nothing beats an experienced and certified PDR technician when it comes to quality of dent repairs. PDR is not a job for inexperienced amateurs because they can create more problems when repairing your dents.

If you are in or around Rochester, New York, and need dents, dings, creases or hail damage repaired on your car, The Dent Guy is your best option.

If you want to learn more about Paintless Dent Repairs or The Dent Guy, please visit our website today.

Dents Removed on a Tesla X with PDR

Teslas are very cool Electric Vehicles (EV). They are fast, eye-catching,  eco-friendly, and loaded with smart technology that make other car owners jealous! If you own a Tesla, you know that there was a lot of thought put into investing in this car therefore, you want to take good care of it. So when you get a ding or dent on your car, it can be frustrating. Good news is, if the damage is not severe, there is an option of removing dents and dings through paintless dent repair, or known as PDR.

What is PDR?

PDR is the best technique when repairing minor dings, body creases, or dents on your car. It doesn’t matter if the dent was from a baseball bat, hailstorm, a runaway shopping cart or from a car door, PDR would be able to remove it. The process of paintless dent repair is much simpler than taking your car to an auto body shop as it does not require drilling or body fillers; therefore, making it cost-effective. With PDR, the certified technician will massage the dent out from the back panel of the car, where the dent is located, with specialized tools or use the glue-pulling method to repair it. Through the process of PDR, there is no need for repainting either since the original paint will still be intact. 

If your Tesla has a dent, it is important to find a PDR company with a dent technician that is highly skilled in working with electric vehicles, like The Dent Guy in Rochester, New York. Experience with PDR on EVs is necessary because there is a lot of voltage. You have to be extra cautious when working with EVs to reduce the potential of getting shocked. Most PDR technicians will receive extra training, such as the EV Technician Training to ensure that the technician understands about working on EVs safely. Tesla have anywhere from 350-375 volts running through their system. As a rule of thumb, just 50 volts is enough to drive a potentially lethal current through your body. 

How PDR was performed on the Tesla X

A 2016 Tesla Model X was brought in with a few dents on the lower portion of the quarter panel and behind the bumper cover. Upon inspection, Dan, The Dent Guy owner, notices that the hatch, tailgate and charging port are all misaligned with the panel because of the bumper replacement. To restore the panel to its original condition, extreme glue pulling repair (GPR) was the best choice. 

This has become a popular method in the PDR industry because it utilizes a larger surface area on the exterior of the painted panel to repair the dents, dings, or creases. By using this method for repairing damage on panels it creates faster, cleaner, and less intrusive repairs.  Dan was able to restore the Tesla 99% back to its original condition using glue pull repair.

Contact Us

If you are ready to have that unsightly ding or dent removed from your beautiful Tesla, contact The Dent Guy today in Rochester, NY by phone at (585) 721-6945 or via email at for all of your automobile dent repair needs.  We guarantee you 100% satisfaction! 

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