Nissan Rogue Quarter Panel Repair with PDR

At The Dent Guy in Rochester, New York, we specialize in removing dents and repairing dings from vehicles through paintless dent repair, or PDR. We provide high quality service and guarantee 100% customer satisfaction, with minimal intrusion to your car. So when we have repeat customers, recommendations from auto body shops or referrals from car dealers for dent restoration, we are proud that they recognize our work.  

What is PDR?

PDR is a cost-effective method of repairing body creases or minor dents on your car that may have been caused by a hailstorm, a car door or even acorns. To perform PDR, the certified technician will typically massage the dent out from the back panel of the vehicle, where the dent is located, utilizing PDR tools or use of the glue-pulling method to repair it. 

PDR is more affordable than taking your car to a traditional auto body shop because it does not require drilling into the car panel or use of body fillers; therefore, making it also environmentally friendly. Since this process is much simpler, it also takes less time to repair (depending on the extent of the damage).  

How PDR was performed on the Nissan Rogue

A 2015 Nissan Rogue, a compact SUV, was brought into the shop with quite a big dent in the quarter panel of the car.

For this job, Dan Rechichi, master technician and owner of The Dent Guy, removed the majority of the dent with the glue pulling  method. As always, Dan, does a great job in getting out the initial damage. The quarter panel of a car is usually difficult to repair because of the lack of access and proper glue pulling experience is required to successfully complete the job.

Glue pulling is often mistaken for suction cups, however, it is a meticulous and very detailed method of removing dents. You can see in the footage below that Dan is constantly changing the angle of the PDR light so that he can get a clearer view of the damaged area and work on it even better. The PDR lights allow technicians to see high and low spots better and get them out with extreme precision. With some reshaping to the metal in the damaged area, Dan can clean and buff the panel to get it ready for the customer to pick up.

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Dents Removed on a Tesla X with PDR

Teslas are very cool Electric Vehicles (EV). They are fast, eye-catching,  eco-friendly, and loaded with smart technology that make other car owners jealous! If you own a Tesla, you know that there was a lot of thought put into investing in this car therefore, you want to take good care of it. So when you get a ding or dent on your car, it can be frustrating. Good news is, if the damage is not severe, there is an option of removing dents and dings through paintless dent repair, or known as PDR.

What is PDR?

PDR is the best technique when repairing minor dings, body creases, or dents on your car. It doesn’t matter if the dent was from a baseball bat, hailstorm, a runaway shopping cart or from a car door, PDR would be able to remove it. The process of paintless dent repair is much simpler than taking your car to an auto body shop as it does not require drilling or body fillers; therefore, making it cost-effective. With PDR, the certified technician will massage the dent out from the back panel of the car, where the dent is located, with specialized tools or use the glue-pulling method to repair it. Through the process of PDR, there is no need for repainting either since the original paint will still be intact. 

If your Tesla has a dent, it is important to find a PDR company with a dent technician that is highly skilled in working with electric vehicles, like The Dent Guy in Rochester, New York. Experience with PDR on EVs is necessary because there is a lot of voltage. You have to be extra cautious when working with EVs to reduce the potential of getting shocked. Most PDR technicians will receive extra training, such as the EV Technician Training to ensure that the technician understands about working on EVs safely. Tesla have anywhere from 350-375 volts running through their system. As a rule of thumb, just 50 volts is enough to drive a potentially lethal current through your body. 

How PDR was performed on the Tesla X

A 2016 Tesla Model X was brought in with a few dents on the lower portion of the quarter panel and behind the bumper cover. Upon inspection, Dan, The Dent Guy owner, notices that the hatch, tailgate and charging port are all misaligned with the panel because of the bumper replacement. To restore the panel to its original condition, extreme glue pulling repair (GPR) was the best choice. 

This has become a popular method in the PDR industry because it utilizes a larger surface area on the exterior of the painted panel to repair the dents, dings, or creases. By using this method for repairing damage on panels it creates faster, cleaner, and less intrusive repairs.  Dan was able to restore the Tesla 99% back to its original condition using glue pull repair.

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Basics of Glue Pulling in Paintless Dent Repair

In recent times, the method of using a glue gun to remove dents from different vehicles has become increasingly popular. When a certified paintless dent repair, PDR, technician uses the modern way of fixing the dents on your vehicle, an industry-grade glue is applied on the nylon tab, which is then placed on the damaged area. Afterward, the tab is “pulled” which removes the dent from the vehicle. If done correctly, the dent can be removed from your vehicle with just one pull. 

Let’s go over the procedure step by step so you have a better understanding of some of the techniques used by PDR specialists to remove dents on a car. 

Step One

First, the glue tabs are prepared. They are soaked in a mixture which has 91% rubbing alcohol, and once complete, they are left to dry. Once they are dry, they are ready for first use. 

Step Two

Now, the PDR glue stick is inserted in the glue gun. Afterward, the gun is turned on and then heats the glue for five minutes.

The area that has to be repaired must be treated thoroughly. It is cleaned with isopropyl rubbing alcohol and then rubbed again with a clean towel. To ensure that the pull is clean and quick, the certified PDR technician must remove all the grease and the wax from the surface of the car. If the area is not clean properly, the tab can’t be properly attached to the damaged area of your car.

Step Three

There are several sizes of the glue tab that a PDR technician can choose from that suits the area of the damage. Quite simply, a large tab is used for damages that cover more area on the surface of your car, while smaller ones are used for smaller damages. 

Step Four

To save time, all tabs are placed simultaneously on the car by a PDR technician (if there are multiple areas of damage). After all of the tabs are placed, they are removed all at once to save time. 

Step Five

Before the PDR technician touches the tab, they ensure that the glue is hard. Then, they pull the tab and remove the dent from your car. If the glue is still stuck on the car, they remove the glue using alcohol.

This technique of removing dents and dings on a car can be challenging, requires patience, and should only be done by a certified PDR technician who has mastered this technique. We do not recommend people to purchase a DIY kit and then try to repair their car themselves because they think that it will be less expensive, when it actually may damage their car more, to the point of having it then professionally done. 

Moreover, depending on the size and type of dents, this technique of glue pulling is a compliment to other techniques that are often used to repair dents. Whether it’s pushing, pulling or utilizing specialized tools to remove those unsightly dings, know that your best bet is to have it repaired by a professional. 

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PDR: Skill Vs. Price

Just like The Dent Guy, there are several other certified technicians that offer Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) services in Rochester, New York. But unlike The Dent Guy, not every technician is skilled enough to do the job exactly the way it’s meant to be done. 

What most people don’t realize is that PDR is a completely skill-oriented task. Even if you have the perfect tools, there are still many ways the process can falter.  It is because of this reason, PDR technicians have to months, and sometimes years, understanding the process. 

But luckily for the residents of Rochester, New York, The Dent Guy has several years of experience in removing dents and dings through the PDR method. The biggest mistake customers make is when they go for a PDR that has an unusually low price. The low price has a reason, and that is inexperience. 

To help you identify the perfect technician, here are the top 3 skills every PDR technician must have.

Identifying Dents that Qualify For PDR

Not every dent can be fixed by PDR. 

An inexperienced PDR technician can make your day go from bad to worse pretty easily. One sign of a poor technician is that they can’t identify which dent needs PDR. When they can’t identify they try to fix the dent with PDR, which can make the dent a lot more severe. 

On the other hand, there are occasions when technicians choose to repair a dent the old-fashioned way when it can easily be repaired by PDR. The difference is, a PDR is a lot quicker than traditional dent repair, this means you are losing time for no reason. At The Dent Guy, we carefully survey a dent before we try to fix it. A job that requires PDR usually has paint damage or sharp creases on the body of the car.   

Manipulating Dents

Another key skill every PDR technician must have is the ability to manipulate dents. Any experienced technician would know that the process is not as simple as pulling out a dent from the body of the car. To make sure that PDR is done the right way, the technician has to massage the back of the dent carefully. 

Because of the massage, the car’s body returns to its original shape. The instrument a technician usually uses for this job is a fluorescent lighting system, a glue gun, and suction cup dent fillers. Before they fix the dent, they understand its severity by removing the damaged panel. 


Most importantly, apart from all the fancy tools that you can use to get rid of a dent, you’re also going to need patience. The PDR process helps you cultivate the patience that is necessary to bring a body panel back to its original shape. Some dent repairs can be done in minutes, while others require several hours before they return to the original shape. 

When an inexperienced technician rushes a job, they are usually left with unhappy customers. Rushing a job can also leave the car vulnerable to future impacts. 

That is why you shouldn’t make the mistake of getting services from a repair shop that has inexperienced technicians. If your car needs dent repair, call The Dent Guy. You can also get a free estimate by clicking here.  

Paintless Dent Repair on a Tesla

Electric vehicles need different repair tactics

Paintless dent repair restores a vehicle’s body to factory-like condition at a far lower price than traditional methods, and takes less time. Paintless dent repair can be used to remove dings and dents from vehicles, as well as body creases, and hail damage.

Paintless dent repair is known as the least invasive way to restore your vehicle’s beauty and value after sustaining any sort of aesthetic damage, which is why so many people are choosing to use it to restore the look and value of their vehicle. The Dent Guy in Rochester, New York is a local favorite for paintless dent repair, and its important to know that:

  • The Dent Guy is Certified for PDR on Electric Cars

  • Teslas Require Different Methods

At The Dent Guy in Rochester, NY, you’ll find a group of quality technicians who provide high quality service and dent restoration through paintless dent repair services. They always guarantee 100% customer satisfaction with minimal intrusions to your vehicle, and each service, no matter the size, is completed with utmost honesty, integrity, skill, and fair pricing. They always sell quality and value over price.

The Dent Guy is Certified for PDR on Electric Cars

As the most reliable auto body shop for hail repair on electric vehicles, the certified technicians at The Dent Guy are also certified to work on electric cars- IMI Electric/Hybrid Certified and have knowledge to do so for repairs on Electric Vehicles to ensure everyones safety. Teslas are extremely classy and luxurious, and owners of Teslas often want to maintain the look and feel of their car for many years. Nothing is more devastating than a door ding, a hailstorm or collision.

Luckily, the Dent Guy can bring your Tesla back to a like-new condition in just a few hours with their paintless dent repair services, and their certified and skilled technicians can have you in and out of their shop in almost no time. They have tons of experience working on every model car in existence, and they will treat your Tesla like it is their own.

Insurance is always accepted for hail damage paintless dent repair, and it won’t negatively affect the cost of your coverage. 

Teslas Require Different Methods

Teslas and other electric vehicles may require different methods of repair, but don’t fret, as the Dent Guy knows exactly what to do. They have repaired Teslas in essentially every condition which would be fitting for paintless dent repair, including a Tesla Model 3 which was damaged by the antlers of a deer.

The right-rear door below the handle had to be repaired with paintless dent repair, and the work done was truly seamless, and the owner of the car understood why the Dent Guy guarantees 100% customer satisfaction. No matter what sort of Tesla you may drive, the Dent Guy can fix your dents, dings, and hail damage with paintless dent repair, and no one will ever be able to tell that you had the work done, and it will not be reflected on your CarFax report, so you won’t pay for it down the road.

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