5 Common Causes of Minor Dents and Auto Damage

We’re sure that dents and dings are an annoying part of your life if you live in Rochester, New York. Rochester is a crowded city, and if you’re not careful, your car can be on the receiving end of some serious damage. But with that being said, The Dent Guy is always ready to take care of all of your problems. 

The Dent Guy is an expert in Paintless Dent Repair or PDR. PDR is the modern way of removing a dent, which has several advantages over the traditional dent repair. It is all the more important for you if you’re living in New York. 

But why can there be a need for PDR?

Here are 5 of the most common causes your car can get a dent.

Grocery Carts

We can get pretty reckless in the parking lot of a grocery store. But it can be hard to take the blame since carrying a month’s groceries in shopping bags is not really an easy task. A shopping cart makes the journey a lot easier, but then again, this journey has a catch. 

Even if you’re careful, you can’t be sure if every other person in the parking lot will care for your car. People recklessly leave a cart in harm’s way, not knowing it can cause damage to a car. But remember: people can’t be fixed, but you can get a dent fixed. 

Automobile Doors

Another common culprit is the door of another car. That is why, before you park, make sure you’re not parking it too close to another car. Whether intentional or unintentional, when someone decides to get out of their car, they open the car door with full force. To make sure that your vehicle is not damaged this way, park your car in an empty space in the parking lot. 


Hail can often damage the body of your car. But this also depends on the size of the hail. If it’s big enough, it can easily damage the body of your car. Another way your car can get damaged by the weather is through a windstorm. A windstorm can often throw tree branches and small rocks on the body of your car. 

If your car is not parked in an enclosed place during this event, it can get some serious damage. An enclosed place might not be easily available every time. That is why you should check the weather forecast before you decide to drive somewhere.   

Tree Branches

Falling tree branches can also cause damage if you park your car under a tree. Trees can often protect your car from oncoming rain, but then again, a branch can cause damage, too. Before you park, make sure you check and see if the tree has any weak branches. 

Tight Parking Spaces

If you’re unsure whether your car will fit in a parking space – don’t risk it. Taking your car out from a tight parking space can often lead to catastrophic damage.

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If your car has received damage due to these reasons or any other, call The Dent Guy to get a free estimate for a repair. Our certified technicians are ready to serve you.

PDR Benefits Before and After on 2010 Nissan G37

It really is no secret that owning a car can lead to having to spend lots of money on maintenance and aesthetic upgrades. In Rochester, New York, many who drive Nissans such as the 2010 Nissan G37 Convertible have been turning to The Dent Guy for the paintless dent repair that they need. If you’re in need of such a service yet you are still unfamiliar with the paintless dent repair process, you should know: 

  • The Benefits of PDR vs Traditional Methods

  • Why All Original Paint Matters

Since being founded, The Dent Guy has been providing high quality service and dent restoration through paintless dent repair. They guarantee 100% customer satisfaction in addition to minimal intrusions to your Nissan. All of the services they conduct, no matter how big or small they may be, are completed with honesty, integrity, skill, and fair pricing. They always sell quality and value over price.

With over 30 years of experience in the auto collision industry, you can trust The Dent Guy’s owner, Dan Rechichi, to repair your vehicle. Whether you’ve been in a car accident, sustained door dings or dents, it does not matter, as Dan and his certified technicians can handle the job, no matter what it calls for.

If you are unsure if paintless dent repair is right for your call, reach out to The Dent Guy to get a free quote. The Dent Guy is highly confident in all of their products and services, indicated by their customer satisfaction guarantee.

Benefits of PDR vs Traditional Methods

Paintless dent repair involves a process in which skilled and professional certified technicians work to remove dents, dings, and creases from a vehicle without disturbing or damaging the existing, original paint finish. Paintless dent repair is preferable over traditional auto body repair services due to the fact that it comes with lower costs, and the non-invasive nature prevents further damage to the vehicle.

Moreover, the ability to be completed onsite and on the spot allows for clients to pay for their services out-of-pocket without ever reporting it to their insurance company. While PDR is generally able to provide no paint fixes, if you think your Nissan cannot be repaired through PDR, The Dent Guy’s dent doctors can still offer paint to the structure and frames of your vehicle. 

Why All Original Paint Matters

Did you know that having your vehicle painted can lower its value by 10% or even 20% upon trade in? The higher your line of vehicle, the higher the percentage. This is why all original paint matters, and why paintless dent repair services matter. The Dent Guy’s ding repair services have the tools and expertise to accomplish such repairs for you.

The before and after of the final repair with all of the original paint on the car will truly blow you away, and you’ll see why so many vehicle owners are opting for paintless dent repair, especially those who are intending on trading their vehicles in.

Got dents on your car? Call or text us for a free quote at 585-440-5444!

PDR Vs Auto Body Repair

Removing dents on a car with PDR process

What is PDR?

Paintless dent repair (PDR) is a highly effective and expedient process of repairing automobile exterior damage.  PDR involves pushing and manipulating a dent or ding from the underside or inside of the damage to press it back into place.  Pushing the dent outward brings it back into its original form resulting in a like-new finish. 

Our certified technicians at The Dent Guy use only the highest quality tools and equipment to transform damaged cars, trucks and motorcycle back to their showroom condition.   PDR is our preferred procedure for repairing a full array of automobile dings and dents ranging from hail and storm damage, door dings and large creases.  

Traditional Auto Body Repair

Traditional auto body repair techniques have their place and time when it comes to automobile exterior repair.  Heavy structural damage where paint has been removed calls for sanding and filing of a vehicle’s original body to make repairs.  In order to complete such intense repairs, a traditional procedure must be used.  The car, truck or motorcycle is practically rebuilt and repainted where the damage has occurred.  The traditional auto body repair process is very time-inefficient and extremely expensive to complete.

PDR Benefits

The benefits of using PDR over traditional auto body repair methods are countless.  For starters, PDR is eco-friendly using zero harmful chemicals or solutions to complete the process.  Second, PDR is much more time-efficient than normal auto repair and is often completed the day the vehicle is brought into our shop.  Third, PDR results in a showroom finish as long as the automobiles paint is not damaged during the initial damage.  No additional parts are added to the automobile to complete the repairs.  Finally, PDR does not result in a CARFAX report and is inexpensive enough to fund out of pocket and not involve your insurance company.


If you are seeking an efficient, inexpensive and aesthetically attractive process of repairing your automobile’s exterior damage, look no further than PDR at The Dent Guy in Rochester, NY.

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The Dent Guy and our highly skilled and trained certified technicians know PDR is the procedure of choice when it comes to repairing your car, truck or motorcycle’s exterior damage.  We will not overcharge you or waste your time with expensive and time-consuming tradition methods when they are not necessary.  When you hire us, you are hiring quality, timeliness and appearance.  We will have your car look as good as new in no time flat!  

Contact The Dent Guy in Rochester, NY at (585) 721-6945 or TheDentGuy.NY@gmail.com today for all of your automobile dent repair needs.  We offer all of our customers free price quotes to avoid any future hidden or surprise charges. 

We want to be happy with your vehicle’s exterior again.  You will never be disappointed when you choose The Dent Guy for your Rochester, NY paintless dent repair!  Call or email us today!


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