Best Dent Repair for Race Cars at the Dent Guy

If you are a race car owner in Rochester, New York, you have limited options when it comes to testing the true potential of your car. Race tracks are one of the only options where you can truly enjoy the experience your race car has to offer.

However, racing cars on a track or any road can cause havoc on vehicles, especially because of all the flying debris. This means your car is vulnerable on tracks and roads while racing. The flying debris can easily cause small dents and dings on your expensive race car.

This is where paintless dent repair (PDR) from a trusted professional like the Dent Guy is your best option in Rochester, New York.

Best Dent Repair for Race Cars at the Dent Guy

PDR is undoubtedly the best dent repair for race cars because it does not tamper with the original factory paintwork of your precious race car. It simply fixes the dents and dings by restoring your race car’s body to its original form.

This means no scraping, filling, or repainting body parts as you usually would with conventional dent repair.

Why the Dent Guy?

Dan, “The Dent Guy”, is the most skilled and experienced PDR certified technician you will find in Rochester, New York. Unlike the competition, Dan has ample experience in dent repair for race cars and can fix the most complex of dents using his exceptional PDR skills.

Benefits of PDR

There are numerous benefits to using PDR for removing dents and dings on your race car.

  • It’s Fast Like Your Race Car

PDR does not take days to repair dents and dings because it doesn’t involve repainting. This means you can drive your dent-free race car away in a matter of hours.

  • Unlike Your Race Car, It’s Inexpensive

Since there is no repainting or filling, you won’t have to pay for the material costs of expensive race car paint or fillers. You only pay for Dan’s skill and experience, which means your dent repair costs are relatively low.

  • Retain Value for Longer

Because your original factory paintwork remains untouched, your expensive race car retains it resale value for longer.

Why PDR Certification and Experience Matter

PDR certified technicians are trained in PDR techniques and know exactly how to use special PDR tools for various types of dents. Experience is important to know how to consistently provide immaculate results, even from tougher dents and dings.

These are both areas where Dan the Dent Guy excels. He is highly trained in PDR and has decades of experience repairing dents and dings on race cars.

If you want to learn more about the best dent repair for race cars at the Dent Guy, or if you want a free estimate for the dents and dings of your race car, please visit our website today.

How Much Does Dent Repair Cost in New York?

Dents and dings on your car can stick out like a sore thumb; however, the reality is that they cause more damage to your car than just being unappealing. Left unchecked, dents and dings can lead to elements seeping in and exposing the metal body to corrosion and rust.

You probably already know how damaging rust can be to a car. This is why it is important to get immediate dent repairs in the form of paintless dent repair (PDR). If you didn’t know, PDR is the best, fastest, and most cost-effective dent repair method ever introduced.

However, it is completely skill-based, which means you should only opt for trusted, professional PDR-certified technicians like The Dent Guy in Rochester, New York.

But first…

How Much Does Dent Repair Cost in New York?

High-cost repairs is perhaps the number one reason people avoid dent repairs. Typically, small dents and dings can cost you around $300-$500 with conventional dent repair methods, whereas extensive damage like collisions may cost around $2000-$4000.

However, PDR can help save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars over conventional dent repair methods. This is because PDR does not involve any scraping, filling, or repainting of body parts. This means you won’t have to pay for the material costs of expensive paint and fillers.

You only pay for the skills and experience of a PDR-certified technician like Dan “The Dent Guy”. This can significantly bring your costs down. You may only pay around $150-$250 dollars for small dents and dings, whereas extensive damage may only cost you around $1000-$2500.

Benefits of PDR

Apart from the cost benefits of PDR, there are plenty more to consider.

  • Immaculate Results – Unlike conventional methods, PDR restores your car back to its original form. This means no alternate dent repair method can replicate the immaculate results of PDR, especially from someone like The Dent Guy in Rochester, New York.
  • Faster Service – Since there is no repainting involved, you can get your car fixed in just a few hours instead of waiting for days.
  • Better Resale Value – Since your original factory paintwork is not tampered with, PDR helps your car retain its originality and resale value for longer.
  • Insurance Coverage – Just like any other body shop costs, your insurance will cover the less expensive PDR costs as well. This is especially true for typical coverage like hail damage repair.

Why The Dent Guy?

The Dent Guy in Rochester is the most skilled and experienced PDR-certified technician you will find in New York. He has incredible PDR skills and knowledge, that allows him to repair even the most demanding of dents and dings, which other services may deny repairing with PDR.

Dan “The Dent Guy” also happens to be one of the friendliest and most helpful technicians you will find, making your customer experience even better.

If you want to learn more about how much does dent repair costs in New York, paintless dent repair, or if you want a free estimate for the dents and dings of your car, please visit our website today.

Repairing Dents from Storm Damage with PDR

Living in Rochester, New York, means you will experience a rough storm every once in a while. Whether it’s a hailstorm, windstorm. or thunderstorm, natural events can wreak havoc in our lives. Anything is possible during a storm, from damage to property to the endangerment of lives.

While we can safely hide out in our homes, our cars might not be so lucky, especially if we leave them exposed outdoors. The flying and falling debris, branches, and trash can cause all sorts of dents and scrapes on your exposed vehicles during a storm.

If something like this happens or your car needs hail damage repair, you must always opt for paintless dent repair (PDR) from PDR-certified technicians like The Dent Guy in Rochester, New York.

Repairing Dents from Storm Damage with PDR

Repairing dents, dings, and hail damage from storms should be a priority to prevent corrosion and rust from taking over the body of your car. However, instead of traditional dent repair from the body shop, you should opt for paintless dent repair (PDR) because it is the latest and greatest method of dent removal.

PDR does not disassemble parts, scrape them, apply fillers, or repaint body parts to fix dents and dings. Instead, the PDR-certified technician carefully restores your car back to its original form. There are many benefits of this.

Benefits of PDR

PDR provides the best results because it restores your car to its original form, but this has many other key benefits as well, including:

  • Less Downtime

You won’t have to leave your car for days at the shop. Since there is no repainting or drying involved in PDR, you can get most dents and dings fixed in a few hours. However, downtime may increase slightly with intense repairs like hail damage repair, but it is still far less than traditional dent repair.

  • More Savings

Since there are no material expenses like paint or fillers, you save more money with PDR. You only pay for the skills and experience of a trusted PDR-certified technician, like The Dent Guy in Rochester, New York.

  • Greater Value

Not only are the results immaculate, but PDR retains your vehicle’s original paint coat. This means your vehicle will retain more of its resale value for longer.

Why The Dent Guy?

When it comes to paintless dent repair in Rochester, New York, you won’t find a better, more skilled, experienced, or knowledgeable professional PDR-certified technician than The Dent Guy. One must simply look at their results to recognize that their work is exceptional.

You can also ask any of their customers who keep coming back because of the excellent dent repairs, friendly staff, and great customer experience. We highly recommend experiencing The Dent Guy yourself to understand why they have so many loyal customers.

If you want to repair dents from storm damage with PDR, or if you want a free estimate for the dents, dings, or hail damage repair of your car, please visit our website today.

Can You Repair a Dent with Paint Damage on Car?

If you live in or around Rochester, New York, your car may experience a dent or ding from time to time, which is normal for cars in such cities. However, it is not normal to wait on the dents, dings, and creases. You should get immediate dent repairs, preferably paintless dent repair (PDR), from a nearby, trusted PDR certified technician, like Dan “The Dent Guy“.

PDR is the best dent repair method for dents, dings, and creases; however, it is not suitable for all dents and dings.

Can You Repair a Dent with Paint Damage on Car?

All dents, dings, and creases can on a car be repaired, including those with paint damage. However, only conventional dent repair methods can repair any type of dent, even with paint damage. Paintless dent repair is meant for dents and dings without paint damage.

PDR can only fix dents and dings if the paint is not significantly damaged or stretched. Minor scratches and chips are repairable through PDR, but significant paint damage is not. Only an expert, like a PDR-certified technician, can truly determine if a dent or ding can be fixed with PDR or not.

Does Your Car Need to Go to a Body Shop?

It depends. If your paint damage is significant, it is likely that you will need to take your car to a body shop for dent repairs. However, if the paint damage is not excessive, a trusted PDR service like The Dent Guy in Rochester, New York, can easily fix it.

Some dent repairs, like hail damage repair, may require a combination of PDR and traditional dent repair methods. This is because the metal and paint may be stretched, which means it cannot be repaired with PDR alone.

Once again, a PDR-certified technician can assess the damage to guide you better.

Can Dan, The Dent Guy, Do It All?

While Dan is an expert PDR certified technician, who also knows conventional dent repair like the back of his hand, he may not always practice these methods at his PDR workshop in Rochester, New York. After assessing your car’s damage, if he feels that your dents and dings are not ideal for PDR, he may refer you to another expert of conventional dent repair.

His assessment derives an expert opinion, and he never allows customers to opt for inferior repairs or methods. He can perform PDR better than most and offers PDR for dents and dings that most competitors may reject.

However, if he says that you may need conventional dent repair over PDR, you can be sure that no PDR technician can fix your damage.

Why The Dent Guy?

Whether your dents and dings have paint damage or not, you should always go to The Dent Guy in Rochester, New York, for an initial assessment. Dan offers free estimates to walk-ins, and he will let you know if your damage can be repaired with PDR or if you need to go to a body shop.

If you want to learn more about repairing dents with paint damage, paintless dent repair, or if you want a free estimate for your dents and dings from Dan, please visit our website today.

Tips for Dent Photo Submission

Dents, dings, and hail damage on your car can be a hassle in Rochester, New York. However, a convenient and reliable solution is available at The Dent Guy.

You can get immaculate results from paintless dent repair (PDR) and a free estimate by sending pictures of your dents to The Dent Guy. Whether your dent or ding is small or large, nothing beats at-home convenience, especially when it is for PDR from professional, certified technicians.

However, capturing dents and dings in pictures is not always simple. This is why today we will share a few tips for dent photo submission of your free estimate from The Dent Guy in Rochester, New York.

Tips for Dent Photo Submission

Here, we will discuss how you should go about taking your dent photo submission step by step, giving you tips along the way.

  • Step 1 – Start With A Clean Panel
    Dirt and dust can hide the small details of your dent, so you might want to take a cloth and clean the panel where the dent is located.Tip: Use a microfiber cloth for the best cleaning results.
  • Step 2 – Don’t Take the Picture Directly in Front of The Dent
    You want to take the picture from a 45-degree angle from the panel where the dent is. This helps reveal more detail about the damage.Tip: Take a few steps back, ideally 3-4 feet away from the dent, so that the rest of the panel is visible in relation to the dent.
  • Step 3 – Find a Straight Line in the Reflection
    You want to center the dent with a straight, vertical line in the reflection. This allows the PDR-certified technician at The Dent Guy to understand how deep the dent is.Tip: When searching for a straight vertical line in the reflection, look for a downspout, drainpipe, or pillar around the car. If you can’t find one, place a mop stick, PVC pipe, or shovel in the reflection instead.
  • Step 4 – Submit Your Dent Photo
    You can submit your dent photo for a free estimate at, email it to, or text it to 585-721-6945.Tip: While it isn’t necessary, if you have minimal photo editing skills or know how to use it in your phone, you may circle the area of the dent in the photo for clarity. Just make sure you don’t draw over the dent itself.

Benefits of PDR

Apart from getting the best dent repair results, there are many more benefits to paintless dent repair from a PDR certified technician like The Dent Guy.

  • Fast Service- You won’t have to wait for days to repair dents and dings; with PDR, you can get it done in just a few hours.
  • Less Expensive – PDR costs less than traditional dent repair because you don’t pay for the material cost of fillers and paint.
  • More Value –PDR retains the original paint coat of your car, which means you can retain its resale value for longer.

Why The Dent Guy?

If the convenient, free estimates, superior results, and professional PDR-certified technicians aren’t enough, you also get the friendliest staff and a great customer experience at The Dent Guy. They are professionals who bring the best PDR services to Rochester,PDR-certified New York.

We highly recommend them for any dents, dings, or hail damage repairs you need to get done.

If you want to learn more about dent photo submission for your free estimate, paintless dent repair, or about your customer experience with The Dent Guy, please visit our website today.

5 Reasons You Should Repair Dents on Your Lease Cars

Leasing a car is always a smart decision than buying it outright. Leasing reduces the burden of payment and covers basic wear and tear over the period of your lease. However, we all know that even if you lease cars, they are bound to get dents, dings, or scratches on the roads.

While coverage for wear and tear includes dents, dings, and scratches to some extent, it does not extend to all of them. Often, you will find that most are beyond your agreement. Always check your lease agreement for the full details; we are certain that it will not cover most damages.

Most people may think they can return dented or dinged lease cars, but this is not the case. You can certainly return it in whatever its condition is, but there are always consequences.

We have come up with 5 reasons you should repair dents on your lease cars, so you have a better idea of why you need to return them with little to no damage.

Why You Should Repair Dents on Your Lease Cars

Here are 5 reasons you should repair dents on your lease cars. Always remember to visit The Dent Guy in Rochester, New York, for dent repair on all the dents and dings of your lease cars.

  • You Have to Pay for Damages Anyway

The first reason to repair dents on your lease cars is that if you return damaged lease cars, you still have to pay for the damages not covered in your lease agreement. You can be sure that the estimate you get from the leasing company will be far more than the actual damage.

Hence, you need to repair dents on your lease cars before returning them.

  • Repair Costs Do Not Get Waived

Contrary to popular belief, dent repair costs do not get waived for any reason. Many people think that if you are leasing a second car, the leasing company may waive off the repair costs on the car you return. This is not the truth, and people should know that nothing is free, especially when it comes to cars.

  • Lender Record

Another good reason to repair dents before you return your leased cars is that when you return a damaged car, it goes on the record. A future lender will see that you are a lease risk because you returned a damaged car, which the lender had to get repaired (even though you pay for the repairs).

  • Credit Score

More importantly, when you return damaged lease cars, it negatively affects your credit score, and we do not need to tell you the drawbacks of having a bad credit score.

  • Future Leasing

Having a bad credit score results in many disadvantages, and the worst of them is that all our future leasing will have higher interest rates. This means you will pay more each month for any new lease that you acquire.

This can easily be avoided if you repair dents on your lease cars.

The Dent Guy for PDR Services

When it comes to dent repair, paintless dent repair (PDR) is your best option. PDR is the most non-invasive, fastest, and relatively inexpensive way to restore your car to its original form. Your lender will never know the difference once a certified technician has performed PDR over the dents.

If you want to learn more about reasons you should repair dents on your lease cars or want the best PDR services from The Dent Guy in Rochester, New York, visit our website today for a free estimate.

Hail Repair Claim Process Made Easy

Storm and Hail seasons usually last from November to February in Rochester, New York. Plus, warmer temperatures in the spring and summer months can lead to strong thunderstorms, creating hail.  

No wonder as the weather gets warmer, car owners begin to worry about hail damage and wonder if their insurance coverage will protect them.

Ease Your Hail Repair Claim Process by Choosing a PDR Company to Repair Dents

Filing for hail damage can be intensive. However, this process can be made easy when choosing a company that offers Paintless Dent Repair for your vehicle. PDR is one of the best methods to get your vehicle repaired. Traditional repairs bang out the dents and use body fillers, which depreciate the value of your car. Paintless dent removal is done through special machines that return the surface to its original form, reversing the damage.

Steps for Getting Your Car Fixed

You might be worried about how to go through the filing process to get your car fixed. Here are some steps that you can follow, from filing a claim to having the insurance paying it.

  • Make a Claim to Your Insurance and Get an Estimate

Make your insurance claim as soon as your car has hail damage and schedule a time to get your car inspected by an adjuster. They will assess your vehicle on a variety of factors and give you an estimate of the amount of work and cost needed to repair your vehicle.

  • Choose a Professional Repair Shop 

Choosing a professional repair shop to get your car fixed is extremely important. Avoid getting scammed by cheap dent repair ads for hail repair. Check whether the shop you choose has a reliable business license, a phone number and a permanent address.

  • Get an Appointment for the Repair.

Schedule the repair for your car and get your car fixed. Don’t wait for the damage to worsen and build cracks in your car’s body. 

Dent Guy Repair Services

The Dent Guy is a customer-friendly shop. We have a team of certified professionals that understands your needs and concerns. Paintless Dent Repair is a very specific process that requires the hands of professionals. At Dent Guy, we promise you the best services for your vehicle, so its original look is never damaged.

To keep your car’s pristine condition intact, you must get the dents and dings fixed immediately.  

Call us today at  (585) 460-2319 to get your hail damage repaired or visit our shop located at  1184 Emerson Street, Ste 5, Rochester, NY 14606.

Don’t get Scammed w/Cheaper Dent Repair Ads for Hail Repair

Scammers often pick on individuals who have broken cars, are evidently in a hurry and are unaware of the dent repair process. If you live across the riverside area or love to travel, dents and dings from hail are bound to happen. 

You may come across dent gypsies, also known as dent repair scammers. These scammers will meet you on the street and promise to fix your car for cash on the spot and leave with your money without fixing or correctly repairing your vehicle. 

Their maintenance procedures also cause more damage to the car, leaving it looking worse than when they began. This is why you should be aware of how to spot and stop dent repair scams.

How to Spot a Hail Repair Scam?

  • Promising for a Quick Repair

Hail damage takes time to patch unless it’s a minor door ding. Anyone who claims they can do them in a parking lot or on the road is making a false claim. At The Dent Guy, our certified technicians can always complete hail repair on cars in as little as one day. A technical setup and careful scheduling make things run smoothly. Dent repair also depends on the number of dents and the type of repair required. A hail repair may take as little as a day or many days or longer in many situations.

  • Comes Up to You In A Parking Lot

Many dent repair (PDR) companies operate out of huge parking lots. They search for cars that have been hit by hail and contact the owner and promise you a fast and inexpensive fix. In a parking lot, hail damage cannot be fixed properly. The PDR techniques used are likely to destroy the color or inflict further damage to your vehicle.

What to Look For When Choosing a Company for Dent Repair?

When it comes to paintless dent repair, keep in mind that the quality of the results you get is directly proportional to the technician’s or company’s abilities, so choose carefully and wisely.

When choosing who to trust, look for the following qualifications:

  • Do they possess a valid business license?
  • Do they have enough insurance?
  • Do their rates seem to be too high to be true?
  • Do they have evidence of high-quality work?
  • Do their technicians have enough experience?
  • Is it possible for them to send you before and after photos of their work?
  • Do they have a decent reputation?
  • Don’t get caught up in this nightmare. Find a reputable PDR firm that will assist you.

Don’t Fall For Cheaper Ads.

Cheaper ads may not be the best choice for hail repair. Paintless dent repair is a technique that requires expertise and modern tools. Hence it is always essential to get your vehicle repaired by certified and experienced professionals. While the rates of some PDR services being offered may be tempting, in the long run, you might find yourself in a situation that ends up costing you more. 

Contact Us

If you live in Rochester, New York, you need not worry about these scams. The Dent Guy will give you the best estimates for your car. You can call or text for a Quote at (585) 460-2319 or visit our website for further details.

How to Keep Your Car From Getting Dents

For almost every driver, a vehicle is a big investment that requires you to save a significant amount of money. After every driver has purchased the car of their dreams, they try their best to keep it dent-free at all costs, but we all know that doesn’t happen. Especially in Rochester, New York, where traffic conditions can be unpredictable. 

And even though one part of the car-owning experience is getting the dents and dings repaired on your car, there’s a point at which they can start to get annoying. If you’ve reached this stage, there are a few things you can do to ensure your car’s exterior stays as safe as its interior. 

Park Your Car Indoors When Possible

When you park your car indoors, there’s a significantly lesser chance that the neighbor’s kid is going to throw their baseball on your car, or another car scratching against your vehicle. And of course, when you park your car inside, it also saves your car from potential hail damage which can do extensive damage to your car if you get stuck in a storm. 

Nail Parallel Parking

Even though several drivers find parallel parking to be one of the most difficult elements of driving, you’ll have to master it if you’re trying to avoid the scratches nearby cars can leave on your car. While it may seem intimidating at first, practice all you can! Trust us, it’s a great way of avoiding dents and dings.

Overgrown Driveways Should Be Avoided

Is there a specific reason you’re following a dusty old driveway that seems to be going towards the unknown? If you don’t have a reason, stay on the road and take the road that is most travelled by. A longer route may take more time but it’ll also protect your car from low bushes or overgrown plants. 

Extreme Weather Is Bad, Too

Try to avoid leaving your vehicle, or driving it when there are extreme weather conditions. These weather conditions can cause a lot of damage to your car’s body. Hail storms tend to cause the most damage on your car’s body and windstorms can do their share of damages as well. In several cases, a dirt kick up, small rocks, branches, or dust can scratch vehicles easily. 

So before you leave the house, ensure you go through the weather forecast so you know what to expect on the road. 

Park Wisely In Parking Lots

Parking lots are one of the most common spots people get their vehicles dented. We all know several people who open their car doors recklessly when they’re in the parking lot, or people who forget where the shopping cart is going after they’ve unloaded stuff into their car. The best way you can avoid these risky situations is by parking in an empty spot in the parking lot. 

Sure, this may mean that you’ll have to walk a bit further towards your car, but you’ll save money on your car’s paint job. 

If you’ve tried all of these approaches but still got a dent on your car, there’s no need to get worried! The Dent Guy in Rochester, New York can remove the dent or ding from your car with the help of PDR in no time! Call us today on 585 440 5920 to get a quick quote!

PDR 101 – What You Need to Know

A dent-free luxury car after going through PDR

Did you know that Paintless Dent Repair(PDR) is the best solution for dents, dings, creases and hail damage on your car?

The benefits of PDR are far greater than those of traditional dent repair, which makes it the ideal solution for your dents and dings. PDR has completely changed the game when it comes to dent repair and we will discuss exactly why this is the case.

PDR 101

Let’s start with the basics of PDR.

What Is Paintless Dent Repair (PDR)?

PDR is the most innovative and latest method of repairing dents, dings and hail damage on your car’s body. It involves various PDR techniques, which can only be performed by a certified PDR technician. This is because they are fully qualified to professionally practice PDR on cars.

If you are in or around Rochester, New York, The Dent Guy is the best place to find experienced and certified PDR technicians who are experts in the techniques of PDR. But first, you must understand how to determine whether your dents and dings qualify for a PDR.

How to Determine if PDR Is an Option for Your Dent Repair

When it comes to determining whether your car’s dents, dings or hail damage qualify for repairs through PDR, you can follow these simple steps to get your answer. 

  1. Inspect the damage on your car for any signs of paint damage. If there is no paint damage, PDR is a repair option for your car and it is the best option.
  2. If there is some visible paint damage, PDR may still be an option because it is capable of correcting minor paint damage that your car may suffer from dents or hail damage.
  3. Finally, consulting the certified PDR technicians at The Dent Guy in Rochester, New York, is the best way to determine your options. They will even give you a quick quote through text or call for your convenience.

Benefits of PDR from a Professional

A professional certified PDR technician that uses PDR techniques to repair your car will give you a better result than a traditional dent repair in every aspect of the process. The results and benefits of PDR are incredible when compared to traditional dent repair, especially if The Dent Guy is on the job.

Here are the main reasons why.

  • Save Time

PDR is much faster than traditional dent repair. Instead of waiting for days for repaint and dry body parts reassembly in traditional dent repair, PDR can repair your dents within hours on the same day. There is no filler, repainting or reassembly involved with PDR.

  • Save Money

Because you do not spend extra on materials like fillers and paint, you save money with PDR. It is way more inexpensive than traditional dent repair because you are only paying for the skill set of a certified PDR technician.

  • Save Paperwork

You can forget about insurance paperwork with PDR. The low costs of PDR mean that you can pay out of pocket and never worry about filing reports with your insurer. Once The Dent Guy is done repairing your car’s dents, no insurer or expert will be able to tell the difference.

  • Save Resale Value

This is our favorite benefit of using PDR over traditional or any other dent repair method. Since PDR does not scrape or repaint your car’s body part, you save a ton of resale value. PDR is mostly restoring your car to its original form, without tampering with the original paint coat – saving its resale value.

Why The Dent Guy for PDR?

The Dent Guy in Rochester, New York, is your best option for a PDR because they have the most experienced certified PDR technicians that have worked on rare, exotic, classic and common cars.

Whether your car suffers from dents, dings, creases or hail damage, The Dent Guy is simply your best option for PDR if you are in or around Rochester, New York.

For more information on Paintless Dent Repair or a quick quote, please visit our website today.