State Farm Insurance Covers the Cost of Hail Repair through PDR Services

We can’t stop nature from striking, like a hailstorm, but afterward, we have to face the consequences and provide solutions to the problems resulting from the strike. The US alone reports an average of $15 billion in insured losses yearly due to hailstorm claims. The effects of the calamity on autos are even worse, taking into consideration the cost of repairs. 

If the damages are not so severe, you can personally repair them. The most common DIY methods include dry ice method, parking somewhere sunny, using a hairdryer, or a hail damage repair kit. While there are DIY options at your disposal, we do not recommend them because, in most cases, they do not remove all dents, are time-consuming, and do not give an excellent finish. As a result, we highly recommend that you hire a paintless dent repair professional to do that job. Let us see the methods they use to recover the car’s original shape.


This method involves sanding down the affected area and filling it with glaze putty. It works best for several small and medium dents. Unfortunately, this method requires painting at the end, which means alongside the cost of repair, you have to think of buying paints.

Heat Repair

Instead of the laborious use of a hair dryer or looking for a sunny place to park in to eliminate dents, this is a better replacement. This method involves the use of an oxyacetylene torch to remove dents. Although it is ideal for large bumps, it also requires repainting, making it costly.

Replacing Body Panels

Sounds good, right? Of course, it is the most effective way of returning your vehicle’s original shape after it’s hit severely. But, you must note that the cost of the body panels digs deep into the pockets. Replacing is the most expensive method of repair.  

Let us see the last option if it provides a better solution.

Paintless Dent Repair (PDR)

This method involves the use of special tools to skillfully bend metals and aluminum back to their original shape, instead of sanding down or removing panes. It is the most effective way of repairing hail damage and putting both speed and affordability in one basket. The benefits of this method are: it doesn’t use harmful chemicals, and works for small to large-sized dents, depending on deepness. 

The good news to the Rochester residents is that the Dent Guy, your professional auto body technician is an expert in this. In a bid to provide customers with the best services, the Dent Guy went out on a one-week training to learn and better his skills and provide his clients with the quality they can’t find elsewhere. This has seen him have happy customers and a high rating of 5-star on Google. At the Dent Guy, we guarantee you a 100% satisfaction on all types of dents.

What is the Cost of Repairing Hail Damage?

On average, the cost of hail repair runs from $30-$45 for small dents, $45-$55 medium and $75+ for larger dents, depending on deepness. Although these are estimates, you also know that the car will not just suffer single damage. This will place the general cost to about $2,500 for the entire repair, which can still be more, considering the method you will choose for the repair.

Does Insurance Fund PDR?

With the cost of repair so high, you must be asking yourself this question. The answer is yes. Hail damage is classified under comprehensive claim and should be covered as long as you have any liability insurance. The good news to New York residents who are State Farm Insurance customers is that they accept the claims. 

State Farm is the ideal company for car insurance since it has outstanding products on their list and discounts. The fact that they are working with the Dent Guy is an added advantage to their clients because you won’t just get a cover for the repair, but professional service from a guy who has been serving for more than 30 years.

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