Repairing Dents from Storm Damage with PDR

Living in Rochester, New York, means you will experience a rough storm every once in a while. Whether it’s a hailstorm, windstorm. or thunderstorm, natural events can wreak havoc in our lives. Anything is possible during a storm, from damage to property to the endangerment of lives.

While we can safely hide out in our homes, our cars might not be so lucky, especially if we leave them exposed outdoors. The flying and falling debris, branches, and trash can cause all sorts of dents and scrapes on your exposed vehicles during a storm.

If something like this happens or your car needs hail damage repair, you must always opt for paintless dent repair (PDR) from PDR-certified technicians like The Dent Guy in Rochester, New York.

Repairing Dents from Storm Damage with PDR

Repairing dents, dings, and hail damage from storms should be a priority to prevent corrosion and rust from taking over the body of your car. However, instead of traditional dent repair from the body shop, you should opt for paintless dent repair (PDR) because it is the latest and greatest method of dent removal.

PDR does not disassemble parts, scrape them, apply fillers, or repaint body parts to fix dents and dings. Instead, the PDR-certified technician carefully restores your car back to its original form. There are many benefits of this.

Benefits of PDR

PDR provides the best results because it restores your car to its original form, but this has many other key benefits as well, including:

  • Less Downtime

You won’t have to leave your car for days at the shop. Since there is no repainting or drying involved in PDR, you can get most dents and dings fixed in a few hours. However, downtime may increase slightly with intense repairs like hail damage repair, but it is still far less than traditional dent repair.

  • More Savings

Since there are no material expenses like paint or fillers, you save more money with PDR. You only pay for the skills and experience of a trusted PDR-certified technician, like The Dent Guy in Rochester, New York.

  • Greater Value

Not only are the results immaculate, but PDR retains your vehicle’s original paint coat. This means your vehicle will retain more of its resale value for longer.

Why The Dent Guy?

When it comes to paintless dent repair in Rochester, New York, you won’t find a better, more skilled, experienced, or knowledgeable professional PDR-certified technician than The Dent Guy. One must simply look at their results to recognize that their work is exceptional.

You can also ask any of their customers who keep coming back because of the excellent dent repairs, friendly staff, and great customer experience. We highly recommend experiencing The Dent Guy yourself to understand why they have so many loyal customers.

If you want to repair dents from storm damage with PDR, or if you want a free estimate for the dents, dings, or hail damage repair of your car, please visit our website today.