Removing Dents on your Classic Buick Car

Getting a car repaired, whether its mechanical, electrical, or purely body work, can be an expensive endeavour, especially for a classic car. Having options for how to go about paying for it is important, as many people simply cannot afford to pay out-of-pocket for some repairs, no matter how necessary. 

Removing Dents on your

If you drive a classic Buick Electric, Century, Riviera, , or a LaSabre to name a few, and you need dent removal services, look no further than The Dent Guy. Their certified technicians can repair your dents through paintless dent repair services at their shop in Rochester, New York.

The Dent Guy  is a one-stop-shop where we always treat our customers’ cars with the highest quality of service. Our dedicated technicians live to serve you through our sound work ethics and prevailing automotive expertise that truly stands out from the rest. Our PDRologists, or our expert dent repair technicians, will provide your car with the dent removal services it truly needs.

What is PDR? 

Paintless dent repair is an eco-friendly process that repairs your Buick’s unsightly dents with ease. By combining art and science, PDRologists use metal rods to meticulously massage your car in order to get it back into factory-like condition. The best part? No ding is too big, or too small. Our expert technicians fix dents and dings of all sizes, from the tiniest fractures to the largest ones, you can expect to have a seamless restoration to your vehicle. 

Paintless dent repair will solve your dent problems but saving the time and money that usually accompanies paint jobs just to cover those dents up. Preserving the beauty of your car is our #1 priority, which is why there are no fillers, no Bondo, no paint, and no chemicals used while restoring your vehicle. 

Is PDR Expensive?

The majority of damage that we repair on cars comes in costing less than an average insurance deductible. Prices for quarter-size dents start at $100, depending on the metal used, their location, and their depth. We also offer discounts for servicing on multiple dents.

The best part? car insurance covers paintless dent repair servicing for hail damage repair and we don’t report to any vehicle history companies, meaning that it won’t show up negatively on your carfax report. 

Even if you have insurance, you don’t have to use it. Most of the time repairs are more costly than what your insurance may give you, due to improper initial estimations. We can assess the damage and communicate with your insurance provider directly, so that you don’t inherit the hassle of such negotiations. You also are more than welcome to pay out of pocket if you do not have insurance coverage. 

If you don’t have insurance, you can pay out of pocket, though hail damage repair can be fairly expensive. Prices may vary from $1000-$6000, and that could even go higher depending on your car, and the extent of its damage. Even at this cost, it is still cheaper than taking your car to a traditional auto body shop. 

Best PDR in Rochester

So, if you have dings, dents, creases or hail damage on your vehicle, contact us for a free estimate. We will work with you and your situation to ensure that your needs are met, and that your Buick car gets the work that it needs. Contact us for a free quote today!