Premier Lease Car Dent Repair in Rochester

Many residents of Rochester, NY, prefer leasing their cars instead of buying them. They do this for various reasons, and there are many arguments to be made against or for leasing over buying. However, this age-old debate doesn’t have a conclusive answer, and it only depends on the preferences of the person buying or leasing the car.

On the other hand, there is a definitive answer for getting dent repairs on lease cars.

What is PDR?

For repairing dents and dings on lease cars in Rochester, we always recommend car owners get them repaired, preferably with paintless dent repair (PDR) from a trusted PDR company like The Dent Guy.

But why get dent repairs for a lease car you will return?

Despite what you may have heard or read online if you return your lease car without getting repairs, they will charge you for the repairs. According to their estimates, you will likely end up paying more than if you get the repairs done yourself before returning the car.

Many people also believe that dent repairs can get waived in some situations when you are leasing another car from the leasing company. Many get misguided by this myth as nothing ever gets waived off. You may be paying for the damage in other ways, if not directly.

Most importantly, however, when you return a damaged car, it negatively impacts your credit score. Damaging a leased car is not only bad for future car leases but also bad for other credit-related aspects of your life.

These reasons should be enough for most to get comprehensive dent repairs before returning a leased car. However, you must always opt for PDR for lease car dent repairs in Rochester, NY.

PDR is a simple yet effective and restorative dent repair process that eliminates the need for replacing, filling, scraping, sanding, or repainting body panels to fix dents and dings. Therefore, your vehicle’s dents and dings get repaired faster and at less cost.

Not to mention that PDR restores your car, which means there is no trace left of any damage or repair once an expert like Dan “The Dent Guy” is done restoring your car with PDR.

While we always recommend The Dent Guy for any dent repairs in Rochester, there are a few things to consider if you are inclined to choose a different PDR company.

You must ensure they have PDR technicians with at least five years of experience, accept insurance, provide guaranteed customer satisfaction, and give free dent repair estimates. You must also check their online reviews to make sure customers trust them.

The Best PDR Company for Lease Car Dent Repairs in Rochester

The Dent Guy is the best PDR company for lease car dent repairs in Rochester, NY. Dan, “The Dent Guy” offers everything you need from a trusted PDR company.

Dan has over 30 years of automotive experience and provides 100% guaranteed customer satisfaction with comprehensive insurance acceptance. His restorative PDR results are unmatched in the state. Just ask any of the hundreds of 5-star reviewers online or the customers at his new service location in Rochester.

If you want to learn more about premier lease car dent repair in Rochester and paintless dent repair or want free estimates and the best PDR for the dents and dings on your lease car in Rochester, NY, please visit our website today!