PDR Vs Auto Body Repair

Removing dents on a car with PDR process

What is PDR?

Paintless dent repair (PDR) is a highly effective and expedient process of repairing automobile exterior damage.  PDR involves pushing and manipulating a dent or ding from the underside or inside of the damage to press it back into place.  Pushing the dent outward brings it back into its original form resulting in a like-new finish. 

Our certified technicians at The Dent Guy use only the highest quality tools and equipment to transform damaged cars, trucks and motorcycle back to their showroom condition.   PDR is our preferred procedure for repairing a full array of automobile dings and dents ranging from hail and storm damage, door dings and large creases.  

Traditional Auto Body Repair

Traditional auto body repair techniques have their place and time when it comes to automobile exterior repair.  Heavy structural damage where paint has been removed calls for sanding and filing of a vehicle’s original body to make repairs.  In order to complete such intense repairs, a traditional procedure must be used.  The car, truck or motorcycle is practically rebuilt and repainted where the damage has occurred.  The traditional auto body repair process is very time-inefficient and extremely expensive to complete.

PDR Benefits

The benefits of using PDR over traditional auto body repair methods are countless.  For starters, PDR is eco-friendly using zero harmful chemicals or solutions to complete the process.  Second, PDR is much more time-efficient than normal auto repair and is often completed the day the vehicle is brought into our shop.  Third, PDR results in a showroom finish as long as the automobiles paint is not damaged during the initial damage.  No additional parts are added to the automobile to complete the repairs.  Finally, PDR does not result in a CARFAX report and is inexpensive enough to fund out of pocket and not involve your insurance company.


If you are seeking an efficient, inexpensive and aesthetically attractive process of repairing your automobile’s exterior damage, look no further than PDR at The Dent Guy in Rochester, NY.

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The Dent Guy and our highly skilled and trained certified technicians know PDR is the procedure of choice when it comes to repairing your car, truck or motorcycle’s exterior damage.  We will not overcharge you or waste your time with expensive and time-consuming tradition methods when they are not necessary.  When you hire us, you are hiring quality, timeliness and appearance.  We will have your car look as good as new in no time flat!  

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