PDR: Skill Vs. Price

Just like The Dent Guy, there are several other certified technicians that offer Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) services in Rochester, New York. But unlike The Dent Guy, not every technician is skilled enough to do the job exactly the way it’s meant to be done. 

What most people don’t realize is that PDR is a completely skill-oriented task. Even if you have the perfect tools, there are still many ways the process can falter.  It is because of this reason, PDR technicians have to months, and sometimes years, understanding the process. 

But luckily for the residents of Rochester, New York, The Dent Guy has several years of experience in removing dents and dings through the PDR method. The biggest mistake customers make is when they go for a PDR that has an unusually low price. The low price has a reason, and that is inexperience. 

To help you identify the perfect technician, here are the top 3 skills every PDR technician must have.

Identifying Dents that Qualify For PDR

Not every dent can be fixed by PDR. 

An inexperienced PDR technician can make your day go from bad to worse pretty easily. One sign of a poor technician is that they can’t identify which dent needs PDR. When they can’t identify they try to fix the dent with PDR, which can make the dent a lot more severe. 

On the other hand, there are occasions when technicians choose to repair a dent the old-fashioned way when it can easily be repaired by PDR. The difference is, a PDR is a lot quicker than traditional dent repair, this means you are losing time for no reason. At The Dent Guy, we carefully survey a dent before we try to fix it. A job that requires PDR usually has paint damage or sharp creases on the body of the car.   

Manipulating Dents

Another key skill every PDR technician must have is the ability to manipulate dents. Any experienced technician would know that the process is not as simple as pulling out a dent from the body of the car. To make sure that PDR is done the right way, the technician has to massage the back of the dent carefully. 

Because of the massage, the car’s body returns to its original shape. The instrument a technician usually uses for this job is a fluorescent lighting system, a glue gun, and suction cup dent fillers. Before they fix the dent, they understand its severity by removing the damaged panel. 


Most importantly, apart from all the fancy tools that you can use to get rid of a dent, you’re also going to need patience. The PDR process helps you cultivate the patience that is necessary to bring a body panel back to its original shape. Some dent repairs can be done in minutes, while others require several hours before they return to the original shape. 

When an inexperienced technician rushes a job, they are usually left with unhappy customers. Rushing a job can also leave the car vulnerable to future impacts. 

That is why you shouldn’t make the mistake of getting services from a repair shop that has inexperienced technicians. If your car needs dent repair, call The Dent Guy. You can also get a free estimate by clicking here.