PDR on a Porsche Boxer 718S

If you own a Porsche, you know that driving it provides a sense of emotional and physical excitement similar to other sports cars. Known for its beauty and speed, a Porsche is also known  for its aesthetics, yet, no matter how much you try to protect it, things can still happen. Such as a scratch, a ding from an unsuspecting runaway shopping car, or a hard crease on the body contour line of the car  caused from an SUV door.

Unexpected damages to your prized vehicle is always disheartening and can leave you feeling frustrated or angry. But don’t worry, depending on the extent of the damage, it can be repaired through the paintless dent repair method, otherwise known as, PDR. 

In Rochester, New York, many people who drive Porsche convertibles such as the Boxer 718S  have been relying on The Dent Guy for paintless dent repair.  With over 30  years of experience in the auto collision industry, The Dent Guy’s owner, Dan Rechichi, has been providing high quality service and dent restoration through paintless dent repair with integrity and fair pricing. Whether you’ve been in a car accident or got door dings, Dan and his certified PDR technicians are on standby to provide quality service. 

What is PDR? 

Paintless dent repair involves a process in which skilled and professional certified technicians massages or deploy certain techniques like glue pulling  to remove dents, dings, and creases from a car without damaging or disturbing the original paint finish. Depending on the extent of the damage, sometimes this process can be quick (same day drop off and pickup) or may take a few days.  When comparing paintless dent repair methods vs  traditional auto body repair, PDR is often preferred due to its non-invasive procedure and lower costs.  Moreover, there is no drilling or paint fillers, making it environmentally friendly.  

If you take your car to the Dent Guy, they have the ability to have the car repair completed onsite and on the spot, which  allows  the clients to pay for their services out-of-pocket without ever reporting it to their insurance company. While PDR is generally able to provide no paint fixes, if you think your Porsche cannot be repaired through PDR, The Dent Guy’s dent doctors can still offer paint to the frames  and structure  of your car. 

How Did the Dent Guy Fix the Porsche Boxer 718s? 

After several attempts to get the Porsche repaired from different auto body shops, (one didn’t even want to touch it), the owner of the Porsche finally was referred to The Dent Guy from an auto collision shop. The dent was caused from a door that had been left open from the owner’s SUV.  The PDR process for this car took several days as Dan had to pull the wheels off to gain better access to the panel where the crease dent was located through the factory hole of the wheel well. 

Gaining access to the dent through a grommet is challenging and in this case, only a highly skilled PDR dent expert could do the job. The customer was very happy and satisfied since the PDR results were almost flawless, minus the minor paint imperfections, cost was affordable and saved the customer from having the side panel of the car repainted.  Take a look at how we did it below. 

So if you got dings or dents on your car and want to know if it can be repaired with PDR, contact us for a free quote.