PDR on a 2021 Lexus ES350

One of our customers just brought in his new Lexus ES350 with a dent for repair. This dent was caused while he was in the garage trying to grab something from the shelf, when a stored picture frame fell on top creating a very deep dent in the vehand you’d probably be too while estimating the work required to fix the dent and its potential cost.

Smalls dents and dings can happen anywhere at any time, no matter how much you try avoiding them. They are an annoying part for a car owner, and removing these dents at the right time is essential. Our Certified Technicians use various techniques to repair the damages of your car and give you a free estimate of the repair. 

How Can We Help?

Dent Guy is five-star rated across the board for providing its customers with the best paintless dental removal services. Certified technicians at Dent Guy are experts in the art of paint correction and coating protection for your luxury vehicles. We have professionals in who can wet sand or buff your car or change the surface in some way to complete the paintless dent repair operation. 

Dent Guy will provide you with the best repair facilities and free estimates. We can finish your vehicle’s repairs efficiently and professionally, causing the least amount of damage to your schedule as possible.

We use various methods of repair to ensure that your vehicle is restored. Glue pulling is a standard procedure used by our technicians for paintless dent repair. With the Glue Pulling method, we heal the dents by using our custom hot glues to stick tips to the affected area. The spring-loaded lifting tools are then used to lift or pull the dent.

When the center of the dent is elevated significantly, the panel will be manipulated back into its original shape using a combination of hammer mixing techniques. The dent will be extracted 20 minutes later after repeating the procedure several times.

Why Choose PDR for Your Lexus ES350

PDR (Paintless Dent Removal) removes dents and dings with advanced equipment and techniques. Body fillers or environmentally toxic car paints and costly work hours are all examples of traditional repair methods. 

Getting a PDR repair from a professional will save you valuable time and money. Traditional auto body repair keeps your vehicle’s factory finish and value and is usually significantly less expensive than regular crash repair. PDR is a win-win scenario for you, your car, and your wallet! But it is important to get your repair done through trained professionals to avoid extra damage to your vehicle during the repair.

How can Dent Guy be of Help?

Dent guy offers the best paintless dent repair facilities in Rochester, New York. They have certified technicians having years of experience. They ensure to retain your vehicle’s original finish. Their repairs are virtually undetectable. You can check out some glances of our services by visiting our Facebook page.

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If your classic Lexus ES350 got a dent and you are looking to get a dent removed, Dent Guy is the correct place for your car. You can call or text for a Quote at (585) 460-2319 or visit our website and avail the best services for your vehicle.