PDR 101 – What You Need to Know

A dent-free luxury car after going through PDR

Did you know that Paintless Dent Repair(PDR) is the best solution for dents, dings, creases and hail damage on your car?

The benefits of PDR are far greater than those of traditional dent repair, which makes it the ideal solution for your dents and dings. PDR has completely changed the game when it comes to dent repair and we will discuss exactly why this is the case.

PDR 101

Let’s start with the basics of PDR.

What Is Paintless Dent Repair (PDR)?

PDR is the most innovative and latest method of repairing dents, dings and hail damage on your car’s body. It involves various PDR techniques, which can only be performed by a certified PDR technician. This is because they are fully qualified to professionally practice PDR on cars.

If you are in or around Rochester, New York, The Dent Guy is the best place to find experienced and certified PDR technicians who are experts in the techniques of PDR. But first, you must understand how to determine whether your dents and dings qualify for a PDR.

How to Determine if PDR Is an Option for Your Dent Repair

When it comes to determining whether your car’s dents, dings or hail damage qualify for repairs through PDR, you can follow these simple steps to get your answer. 

  1. Inspect the damage on your car for any signs of paint damage. If there is no paint damage, PDR is a repair option for your car and it is the best option.
  2. If there is some visible paint damage, PDR may still be an option because it is capable of correcting minor paint damage that your car may suffer from dents or hail damage.
  3. Finally, consulting the certified PDR technicians at The Dent Guy in Rochester, New York, is the best way to determine your options. They will even give you a quick quote through text or call for your convenience.

Benefits of PDR from a Professional

A professional certified PDR technician that uses PDR techniques to repair your car will give you a better result than a traditional dent repair in every aspect of the process. The results and benefits of PDR are incredible when compared to traditional dent repair, especially if The Dent Guy is on the job.

Here are the main reasons why.

  • Save Time

PDR is much faster than traditional dent repair. Instead of waiting for days for repaint and dry body parts reassembly in traditional dent repair, PDR can repair your dents within hours on the same day. There is no filler, repainting or reassembly involved with PDR.

  • Save Money

Because you do not spend extra on materials like fillers and paint, you save money with PDR. It is way more inexpensive than traditional dent repair because you are only paying for the skill set of a certified PDR technician.

  • Save Paperwork

You can forget about insurance paperwork with PDR. The low costs of PDR mean that you can pay out of pocket and never worry about filing reports with your insurer. Once The Dent Guy is done repairing your car’s dents, no insurer or expert will be able to tell the difference.

  • Save Resale Value

This is our favorite benefit of using PDR over traditional or any other dent repair method. Since PDR does not scrape or repaint your car’s body part, you save a ton of resale value. PDR is mostly restoring your car to its original form, without tampering with the original paint coat – saving its resale value.

Why The Dent Guy for PDR?

The Dent Guy in Rochester, New York, is your best option for a PDR because they have the most experienced certified PDR technicians that have worked on rare, exotic, classic and common cars.

Whether your car suffers from dents, dings, creases or hail damage, The Dent Guy is simply your best option for PDR if you are in or around Rochester, New York.

For more information on Paintless Dent Repair or a quick quote, please visit our website today.