Paintless Dent Repair for Acorn Damage on Your Car

PDR for Acorn Damage on car

Most people do not expect that acorns and nuts can damage your car. Here in Rochester, New York there are many beautiful trees around the city that, oftentimes, line the streets where your car is parked.  Even though trees can keep your car shaded, or protected from the weather, you may forget that sometimes with unpredictable weather where there are strong gusts of winds, rain or hail, parking your car underneath a tree can cause problems.

Hickory, chestnuts, hazelnuts, black walnuts, and acorns can cause a lot of damage to your car when they fall unexpectedly. Because of this reason, parking your car under a tree can also be hazardous to the body of your car. But luckily, this kind of damage can be repaired easily by Paintless Dent Repair. 

Depending on the dent damage to your car and its intensity,  ultimately decides how your car should be repaired. 

Acorn Damage and PDR

Nowadays, car manufacturers use the quality of paint that has increased flexibility. The car paints that were used in the past had no tolerance for wear and tear and would crack almost instantly the moment they came in contact with an external object. Since paints being used nowadays are a lot more flexible, repairing acorn damage from the body of your car is a lot more realistic. 

When a dent is deep and the paint on your car starts to crack, the body of your car will need bodywork rather than just a paintless dent repair. But on most occasions, a dent caused by an acorn isn’t too serious. 

What Can I Do to Save My Car from Acorn Damage?

According to The Dent Guy, here are the few things you can do to save your car from acorn damage:

  • Try not to park your car under an oak tree: For an acorn to cause damage to your car, it has to fall directly onto your car, which is why parking away from the tree makes more sense. However, some people would risk this as they do not foresee an acorn falling on their car. 
  • Use a car cover! The job of a car cover is to protect your car from external damage. If an acorn isn’t too high on a tree when it falls towards your car, the car cover will be able to save your car from damage. 
  • Get a Garage: If your whole area is surrounded by oak trees and avoiding them can be a lot harder than parking under them, try to build a garage. A garage is ideal and the best solution. 
  • Use an umbrella: You can also get an umbrella that can attach to your car. This umbrella can protect your car from falling objects. The best part is, this umbrella is super easy to carry. 
  • A carport: This can be a feasible option if you can’t afford to get a garage.

If your car has sustained damage from an acorn, contact  The Dent Guy to see if your car is a candidate for PDR and get a free estimate!