Not All Dent Repairs Are the Same in New York

Car owners in New York may take the best care of their cars, but some dents and dings are inevitable. Whether it’s an accident, a parking lot mistake, a cyclist, or even your garage door, sometimes you can’t do anything to protect your car against dents or dings.

However, you can opt for the best type of dent repair – paintless dent repair (PDR). If you didn’t already know, PDR is the latest and greatest dent repair method that restores your car to its original form instead of repairing dents through scrapping, filling, or repainting.

Not All Dent Repairs Are the Same in Rochester

However, just as no two dents are similar, no two PDR companies are similar either. So, you need to research and find a reputable PDR company with trusted, PDR-certified technician.

Several PDR companies do not have certified technicians, even if they claim they do. You need to make sure that the certification is credible and in the technician’s name performing PDR on your vehicle.

Uncertified technicians lack proper training, which can lead to big consequences. Moreover, just being certified is not enough. You only want to experience PDR-certified technicians with a minimum of 5 years of experience performing PDR.

The problem is that untrained, uncertified, and inexperienced technicians can often crack the paint of your vehicle when they attempt to repair dents and dings through PDR. Once the paint cracks, that part of your vehicle becomes ineligible for paintless dent repair, which means you have to resort to conventional methods.

Properly trained and experienced PDR-certified technicians like Dan “the Dent Guy” in Rochester, New York, never make such mistakes or cut corners in their work.

PDR is less expensive than conventional dent repair. Sometimes, if the price seems too good, you may need to check and confirm the legitimacy of the PDR company and its technicians. Professional, certified technicians use an industry-wide standard estimate system, whereas fake PDR companies with uncertified technicians often undercut legitimate businesses with lower pricing.

You can expect them to cut corners to make better profits. While you pay a little more for a better qualified and PDR-certified technician to complete the dent repair, you can be certain that it will be a great job, with perfect results and no damages.

The Dent Guy Is the Best in the Business in New York

If the mentioned things have got you wondering where you can get the most reliable PDR from the best-certified technician, the Dent Guy in Rochester, New York, is the PDR company for you. Not only is Dan “the Dent Guy” a PDR-certified technician, but he is also the best in the business.

He has plenty of training from around the world and decades of experience, and the PDR results speak for themselves. Dan is the man you can blindly trust your car or motorcycle with and never have to worry about paint damage, cut corners, or poor results.

You get the best of the best, who can repair dents and dings with PDR that most other certified technicians may be too scared or less experienced to commit to.

If you want to learn more about dent repair in New York, paintless dent repair, or if you want a free estimate for the dents and dings of your vehicle, please visit our website today.