New Car, New Dent | Retain Value in Your Car with GPR | The Dent Guy | Rochester NY


Using the GPR method allows The Dent Guy to pull and form the metal from the outside without damaging the panel with too much heat. KECO Tab’s Centipede Curved Ice and Curved Blue pull tabs allow Dan to work the wheel arch first. This releases a lot of pressure on the quarter panel, which allows him to continue working back through the panel.

When using a GPR method, a tech needs to predict his pull. They need to know how hard to pull to be sure not to further distort the original contour. PDR and GPR take patience, precision, and technique. All of those traits are not universal.


Whether you’re selling your own car or repairing it, keep in mind your car’s value and longevity. The body shop that brought in this repair understands that the least invasive method is GPR. We want to restore this brand new investment back to like New.

How the GPR dent and ding removal method helps conventional repair

Conventionally this damaged panel would be cut off, replaced, and painted. That would drastically reduce the brand new vehicle’s value. The body shop could also stud weld the dented quarter panel, then mud, and paint. Not only would cutting the panel be easier, stud welding would heat the metal above 400°F and ruin the E-Coat on the backside of the panel along with changing the temper metal, affecting its future performance in the elements.

New Car, New Damage; Saved with GPR

Just in, 2020 Subaru Ascent was damaged during recent winter weather in Rochester NY. Both quarter panels have been dented on this brand new car. The body shop knows that GPR is the least invasive approach to retain this new purchase.