Improve Your Business Image by Removing Dents on the Company Car

Did you know that paintless dent repair, or PDR,  is the best method for removing dents, dings, and hail damage from company cars?

It can easily be one of the best methods of improving your business image if your business owns company cars.

Maybe you own a ride service, delivery service, or company cars for your employees. Whatever type of business, if you have company cars, PDR can be one of the best investments for you.

Let’s discuss how removing dents from company cars can improve your business image, why PDR is your best option, and why The Dent Guy is the best for PDR services in Rochester, New York.

Improve Your Business Image by Removing Dings 

Dents, crease dents, dings, and hail damage on cars are always unsightly. This is especially true for company cars that bear brand logos or banners.

Imagine a ride service, delivery service, or company car that is new and clean. Maybe, it proudly displays a company logo. Now imagine an unsightly dent or ding on this car.

What does that tell you about the company and its business?

Most people would think that the company is not interested in their business image, perhaps they lack funds for repairs, or maybe they do not care about their assets. At best, people may think that the company is unaware of the situation, which is not great either.

No matter the case, a dent on a company car is a dent on its business image, and there is no other way around it. It will only lead to potential customers being repelled from your business.

PDR brings a simple solution to this problem and can help your company make more revenue by removing unsightly dents and dings from your company cars. The benefits of investing in PDR do not end with repairs, and there is a lot more to consider.

The Benefits of Investing in PDR

When you opt for PDR for your company cars, you save more than just your business image.

  • Avoid Downtime

Unlike traditional dent repairs that may take a few days, PDR can be done within a few hours because there is no scraping, filling, or repainting of body parts involved. This means less downtime for your company cars and more revenue for your business.

  • Save Money

Business is all about making money and one of the best ways to increase revenue is by reducing expenses. PDR helps you reduce your dent repair expenses. Since there is no filler or repainting involved in paintless dent repair, you save a ton of money on the material costs of paint and fillers.

You only pay for the skills of a PDR-certified technician like The Dent Guy in Rochester, New York.

  • Save the Resale Value of Your Assets

Businesses need to protect their assets, and this is where PDR truly shines above any other dent repair method. PDR does not tamper with the original paint coat of your company cars. Hence, your assets retain their original paint coat and resale value.

Why The Dent Guy?

By now, you probably understand the value and benefits of PDR for your company cars. However, the key element to paintless dent repair is the certified technician who performs PDR. Businesses want the best repair results, save the most money, and make the right choice when investing in PDR.

Due to this reason, The Dent Guy in Rochester, New York, is your best option for PDR. With certified technicians, immense experience, incredible pricing, and the best PDR results, there is no vendor better for PDR on your company cars.

If you want to learn more about improving your business image through PDR or get a free estimate from the best PDR-certified technicians in Rochester, New York, please visit our website today.