How to Keep Your Car From Getting Dents

For almost every driver, a vehicle is a big investment that requires you to save a significant amount of money. After every driver has purchased the car of their dreams, they try their best to keep it dent-free at all costs, but we all know that doesn’t happen. Especially in Rochester, New York, where traffic conditions can be unpredictable. 

And even though one part of the car-owning experience is getting the dents and dings repaired on your car, there’s a point at which they can start to get annoying. If you’ve reached this stage, there are a few things you can do to ensure your car’s exterior stays as safe as its interior. 

Park Your Car Indoors When Possible

When you park your car indoors, there’s a significantly lesser chance that the neighbor’s kid is going to throw their baseball on your car, or another car scratching against your vehicle. And of course, when you park your car inside, it also saves your car from potential hail damage which can do extensive damage to your car if you get stuck in a storm. 

Nail Parallel Parking

Even though several drivers find parallel parking to be one of the most difficult elements of driving, you’ll have to master it if you’re trying to avoid the scratches nearby cars can leave on your car. While it may seem intimidating at first, practice all you can! Trust us, it’s a great way of avoiding dents and dings.

Overgrown Driveways Should Be Avoided

Is there a specific reason you’re following a dusty old driveway that seems to be going towards the unknown? If you don’t have a reason, stay on the road and take the road that is most travelled by. A longer route may take more time but it’ll also protect your car from low bushes or overgrown plants. 

Extreme Weather Is Bad, Too

Try to avoid leaving your vehicle, or driving it when there are extreme weather conditions. These weather conditions can cause a lot of damage to your car’s body. Hail storms tend to cause the most damage on your car’s body and windstorms can do their share of damages as well. In several cases, a dirt kick up, small rocks, branches, or dust can scratch vehicles easily. 

So before you leave the house, ensure you go through the weather forecast so you know what to expect on the road. 

Park Wisely In Parking Lots

Parking lots are one of the most common spots people get their vehicles dented. We all know several people who open their car doors recklessly when they’re in the parking lot, or people who forget where the shopping cart is going after they’ve unloaded stuff into their car. The best way you can avoid these risky situations is by parking in an empty spot in the parking lot. 

Sure, this may mean that you’ll have to walk a bit further towards your car, but you’ll save money on your car’s paint job. 

If you’ve tried all of these approaches but still got a dent on your car, there’s no need to get worried! The Dent Guy in Rochester, New York can remove the dent or ding from your car with the help of PDR in no time! Call us today on 585 440 5920 to get a quick quote!