How to Avoid Dent Repair Scammers in Rochester, New York

Dent repair in Rochester, New York seems expensive, time consuming, and an overall unappealing ordeal. However, a trusted paintless dent repair (PDR) service like The Dent Guy has changed much of this for car owners in Rochester, New York.

This is because PDR is faster, less expensive, and generally better than any other dent removal method in the world, especially when a skilled and experienced technician like Dan, The Dent Guy is on the job.

While Rochester car owners are lucky to have Dan and his PDR service, at the same time, they are also unlucky to have so many dent repair scammers in their city.

Today, we will discuss how to avoid dent repair scammers in Rochester, New York, so you don’t ever have to experience loss of money or damage to your car.

How to Avoid Scammers 

Scammers and con artists are always evolving their scamming techniques and coming up with new ones. Unfortunately, this means there is always a new scam just around the corner. Following are a few ways to best avoid dent repair scammers in Rochester, New York.

  • Avoid Strangers with Unsolicited Offers

Rochester, New York is filled with parking lot scammers and they can be trouble for you. A stranger will approach you saying they noticed the dents/ dings on your car or truck and it just so happens that they are a dent repair technician.

They will tell you they can fix the dents/ dings, while go are busy doing your shopping, work, or whatever it is you are about to do. They will entice you by saying it will cost far less than what a body shop or PDR service will cost you.

These strangers are experienced scammers who like to catch you in a rush and convince you to avail their services. You must always avoid such unsolicited offers because they will either take your money and run or further damage your car and act aggressive when you realize what has happened.

  • Lookout for High-Pressure Tactics and Certifications

Dent repair scammers are skilled at scamming people into what they want. Often, to achieve their malicious goals, they use pushy, high-pressure sales tactics. They will tell you that they can only repair your dents and dings immediately or you will have to wait forever if you pass on the opportunity.

They typically ask for the payment upfront and they act like there is no one else you will take on the job or do it for the money they are asking. These tactics are scamming techniques and no trusted dent repair or PDR service will ever use them. You must avoid these dent repair scammers at all costs.

Similarly, many body shops say they have certified technicians when they actually don’t. This is why it is important to ask for their certifications and make sure you are not being scammed. Always opt for a PDR certified technician like The Dent Guy to avoid poor dent repair results.

  • Steering Scams (Insurance Scams)

If your insurance provider or representative tells you that you can only get dent repairs for your dents and dings from body shops on their panel, they are lying to you. They may imply or try to convince you that you can only get dent repairs from their recommended services or the insurance won’t cover it.

This technique is known as “steering” and it is illegal in Rochester, New York. The fact is that you can get estimates and dent repairs from virtually any dent repair or PDR service you want. Your insurance will cover it as long as you are not violating any agreement terms.

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Dent repair scammers are rampant in Rochester, New York, bit the mentioned things will help you avoid them. However, the best way to avoid such scams and scammers is to always opt for a trusted PDR service like The Dent Guy in Rochester, New York.

If you want to learn more about how to avoid dent repair scammers, paintless dent repair, or if you want a free estimate for the dents and dings of your car, please visit our website today.