How Does Paintless Dent Repair Compare to DIY Kits?

Dan working on a car.

At The Dent Guy, we are often asked about the effectiveness of do-it-yourself (DIY) paintless dent repair kits.  Customers want to know if they can execute the PDR process at home in less time and for less money.  Our answer is always the same—NO! 

We highly discourage any of our customers to attempt the PDR process on their own as they could cause expensive and often irreparable damage to their precious vehicle.  The Dent Guy’s technicians have earned the highest level certification in PDR and should always be trusted to complete your repair job right!

DIY Repair Costs

Customers who have tried DIY paintless dent repair kits in Rochester, NY have often found them to be more expensive than a visit to our shop.  They end up not only paying for the original DIY kits but also the cost of our repairs afterward.  Again, we urge our customers to always remember our technicians are skilled and trained to complete the PDR process. 

A repair that can be completed for under $100 with us can easily cost a novice several hundred dollars more when you include the costs of the kit and any follow up on DYI necessities!  Come let the professionals at The Dent Guy make you smile again once your car is repaired and as good as new.

FREE Price Quotes

To further save our customers money, we also provide free price quotes.  It really is a win-win situation when you decided to trust our professional, certified technicians at The Dent Guy.  You lose nothing at all by bringing your vehicle into our shop for us to assess the damage. 

Further, this will take you half the time (and remove all the anxiety) of which you would spend reviewing and purchasing a DIY kit.  It really is a no-brainer!  We eagerly complete an individualized damage assessment of each vehicle we service allowing us to provide our customers with an upfront base cost before beginning any work.

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The Dent Guy and our highly skilled and trained certified technicians know PDR is the procedure of choice when it comes to repairing your car, truck or motorcycle’s exterior damage. 

Why spend your hard earned dollars and valuable time researching and purchasing DIY kits that do not work?  When you hire us, you are hiring quality, timeliness and appearance.  We will have your car look as good as new in no time flat!  

Contact The Dent Guy in Rochester, NY at (585) 721-6945 or today for all of your automobile dent repair needs.  We offer all of our customers free price quotes to avoid any future hidden or surprise charges.  We want you to be happy with your vehicle’s exterior again. 

You will never be disappointed when you choose The Dent Guy for your paintless dent repair!  Call or email us today!