Hail Repair Claim Process Made Easy

Storm and Hail seasons usually last from November to February in Rochester, New York. Plus, warmer temperatures in the spring and summer months can lead to strong thunderstorms, creating hail.  

No wonder as the weather gets warmer, car owners begin to worry about hail damage and wonder if their insurance coverage will protect them.

Ease Your Hail Repair Claim Process by Choosing a PDR Company to Repair Dents

Filing for hail damage can be intensive. However, this process can be made easy when choosing a company that offers Paintless Dent Repair for your vehicle. PDR is one of the best methods to get your vehicle repaired. Traditional repairs bang out the dents and use body fillers, which depreciate the value of your car. Paintless dent removal is done through special machines that return the surface to its original form, reversing the damage.

Steps for Getting Your Car Fixed

You might be worried about how to go through the filing process to get your car fixed. Here are some steps that you can follow, from filing a claim to having the insurance paying it.

  • Make a Claim to Your Insurance and Get an Estimate

Make your insurance claim as soon as your car has hail damage and schedule a time to get your car inspected by an adjuster. They will assess your vehicle on a variety of factors and give you an estimate of the amount of work and cost needed to repair your vehicle.

  • Choose a Professional Repair Shop 

Choosing a professional repair shop to get your car fixed is extremely important. Avoid getting scammed by cheap dent repair ads for hail repair. Check whether the shop you choose has a reliable business license, a phone number and a permanent address.

  • Get an Appointment for the Repair.

Schedule the repair for your car and get your car fixed. Don’t wait for the damage to worsen and build cracks in your car’s body. 

Dent Guy Repair Services

The Dent Guy is a customer-friendly shop. We have a team of certified professionals that understands your needs and concerns. Paintless Dent Repair is a very specific process that requires the hands of professionals. At Dent Guy, we promise you the best services for your vehicle, so its original look is never damaged.

To keep your car’s pristine condition intact, you must get the dents and dings fixed immediately.  

Call us today at  (585) 460-2319 to get your hail damage repaired or visit our shop located at  1184 Emerson Street, Ste 5, Rochester, NY 14606.