Fender Dent Repair with PDR

Fenders get busted all the time; this is why the term ‘fender bender’ is used so often in popular media. Many auto-technicians claim that they can repair fenders very easily using paintless dent removal. The position and size of a fender make it perfect for PDR, granted that the paint hasn’t moved from its place.

Paintless Dent Repair is a great option when you accidentally get a dent in your fender. This method doesn’t require the auto-technician to cut any metal or apply any more material to the dent. They can pull up and massage the car’s body, and it will likely respond in a way that fixes any evidence of a mishap. 

Importance of Getting Your Car Fixed Early

Even if the fender dent is minuscule, you should take it to the auto shop as soon as you possibly can. Leaving the dent to stay even for a day can cause more problems than you might think. We are mentioning possible reasons you might want to get your car fixed early.

1.  It Makes the Car Weak

If a dent is present on the fender, the car is more susceptible to greater damage if another collision occurs. Driving a vulnerable car is harmful to your health as well as your image. People who don’t take care of their cars are viewed as negligent, and you don’t want that kind of reputation.

2. It Helps Prevent Further Damage

If you get your car fixed as soon as a problem arises, it is less likely that more problems will arise. If there is a small dent and the paint has not cracked, leaving it unfixed could mean greater weathering. Water might get inside through the cracks or wear the paint down, leading to further rust damage.

3. It will reduce the value of the car

If a small dent occurs and you let it fester for a while, it will likely grow and not be fixable by PDR. You will then have to ask your auto-technician to apply pain and body filler to it, causing it to depreciate.

The Technique of Paintless Dent Repair for Fender Dents 

Fender dents occur in the hollow cavity between the wheels and the body of the car. The paintless dent repair technique could also be a specific PDR type called GPR or Glue Pull repair. However, the technique and procedure are pretty simple; the auto-technician identifies the dent, chooses the tools to create leverage, and starts the repair. 

This method could mean using simple tools like fender pliers to create leverage and push the dent out. There are many other layers between the wheel and the fender, and the auto-technician needs to identify and remove these before they can access the fender layer. Once the technician fixes the fender, he can replace the extra layers. 

Benefits of Using PDR

  • It is less time consuming
  • It saves money
  • It retains the car’s value.

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