Driving During a Hailstorm: What Should You Do?

Driving in a hailstorm is not only dangerous for your car’s condition but also for you. Hailstorms can get monstrous and cause severe injuries. Even small hail can cause a lot of damage to cars and leave numerous tiny dents. 

It’s never a good idea to drive in a hailstorm, but it can’t be helped sometimes. Plus, you may already be driving when it happens. For these circumstances, you should be prepared beforehand to avoid any serious injury.

Driving While Its Hailing

Driving in a hailstorm is always tricky, but proper precautions can help avoid danger during severe weather. Here are some tips to keep yourself safe when driving through hail.

  • Come to a Complete Stop in a Protected Area

The combination of your car’s speed and hail falling from the sky does more damage to your vehicle and its glass. Move off to the edge of the road away from traffic and switch on the warning lights as soon as possible to avoid excessive dents and dings on your vehicle.

  • Park Your Car Positioning the Front

Position the car in a way so that the hail falls on the front of the vehicle rather than the rear. When struck by hail, the windshield is built to survive significant damage, while other windows are more likely to crack. Positioning your car in this way will help prevent excessive dents and dings on your car. 

  • Don’t Get Out of Your Car

Do not leave your car, no matter how much you want to get into your house, a convenience store or a shelter. You already have a secure roof over your head, so hunker down and wait it out.

  • Keep Yourself Out of the Way of the Windows

Although it might sound like a good idea, pulling a few inches closer to the center of the car and away from the windows will save you from serious injury. 

Use PDR to Repair Dents on Your Car

Although hailstorms are brief and do not last a long time, dents and dings are inevitable. It is always a good idea to deal with the damage immediately. 

Paintless Dent Removal is the best method to repair minor dents from the body of your vehicle. PDR is an environment-friendly repair method that restores your vehicle’s factory-like condition without body fillers and paints. Dent removal using PDR is a quick process to restore your car’s original condition in no time.

Consult a Professional

The paintless dent removal process involves some steps that are used to repair the car. Certified technicians at Dent Guy make sure to follow these steps to give your car the perfect finish. 

They gain entry to the dent by assessing the damage and apply slow pressure and modern techniques to work out the dent. Hence, consulting a professional for your car is essential so that the original factory finish of your car is restored without excessive damage.

Driving through hail is challenging but is difficult to avoid. If you live in Rochester, New York, and want to get your car repaired, Dent Guy is the right place. You can reach out to us and get a free estimate for your car. You can also call or text for a Quote at (585) 460-2319 or visit our website.