Don’t get Scammed w/Cheaper Dent Repair Ads for Hail Repair

Scammers often pick on individuals who have broken cars, are evidently in a hurry and are unaware of the dent repair process. If you live across the riverside area or love to travel, dents and dings from hail are bound to happen. 

You may come across dent gypsies, also known as dent repair scammers. These scammers will meet you on the street and promise to fix your car for cash on the spot and leave with your money without fixing or correctly repairing your vehicle. 

Their maintenance procedures also cause more damage to the car, leaving it looking worse than when they began. This is why you should be aware of how to spot and stop dent repair scams.

How to Spot a Hail Repair Scam?

  • Promising for a Quick Repair

Hail damage takes time to patch unless it’s a minor door ding. Anyone who claims they can do them in a parking lot or on the road is making a false claim. At The Dent Guy, our certified technicians can always complete hail repair on cars in as little as one day. A technical setup and careful scheduling make things run smoothly. Dent repair also depends on the number of dents and the type of repair required. A hail repair may take as little as a day or many days or longer in many situations.

  • Comes Up to You In A Parking Lot

Many dent repair (PDR) companies operate out of huge parking lots. They search for cars that have been hit by hail and contact the owner and promise you a fast and inexpensive fix. In a parking lot, hail damage cannot be fixed properly. The PDR techniques used are likely to destroy the color or inflict further damage to your vehicle.

What to Look For When Choosing a Company for Dent Repair?

When it comes to paintless dent repair, keep in mind that the quality of the results you get is directly proportional to the technician’s or company’s abilities, so choose carefully and wisely.

When choosing who to trust, look for the following qualifications:

  • Do they possess a valid business license?
  • Do they have enough insurance?
  • Do their rates seem to be too high to be true?
  • Do they have evidence of high-quality work?
  • Do their technicians have enough experience?
  • Is it possible for them to send you before and after photos of their work?
  • Do they have a decent reputation?
  • Don’t get caught up in this nightmare. Find a reputable PDR firm that will assist you.

Don’t Fall For Cheaper Ads.

Cheaper ads may not be the best choice for hail repair. Paintless dent repair is a technique that requires expertise and modern tools. Hence it is always essential to get your vehicle repaired by certified and experienced professionals. While the rates of some PDR services being offered may be tempting, in the long run, you might find yourself in a situation that ends up costing you more. 

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