Do You Have the Right to Select Your Own Hail Repair Company?

Hailstorms can be devastating, especially to a car parked outdoors.

If you have been unfortunate enough to leave your car outdoors during a hailstorm, hail damage has probably created clusters of dents and ding on it. Dent from hail damage is typically all over the hood, roof, and trunk, and your windows and windscreen are not safe either.

However, if the hail storm is windy enough, dents can also be seen on the sides of your car. Luckily, it can all be repaired, and you should always opt for PDR, the best hail repair option.

The Best Hail Repair

Your best hail repair option to fix the dents and dings from hail damage completely is paintless dent repair or PDR. It is the most latest and innovative dent repair process that requires a PDR-certified technician, who uses specialized tools and a UV light to repair dents and dings.

The best part is that PDR is a relatively inexpensive, fast, and non-invasive hail repair method. The PDR-certified technician uses PDR techniques and his experience to pull and push out the dents and dings without tampering with the original paint coat of your car, restoring it to its original form.

You can always find the most professional certified technicians for paintless dent repair at The Dent Guy in Rochester, New York. They are experts, who have experience with all makes and models of cars and know exactly how to best repair hail damage on any car.

Do You Have the Right to Select Your Own Hail Repair Company?

Naturally, you may want your insurance company to cover your hail repair expenses. When you approach them with our hail repair needs, they will offer you to choose from 3 to 4 hail repair companies from their panel.

However, you do not have to select any of the hail repair companies they offer. You reserve the full right to select your own hail repair company and get your hail damage repaired from wherever you like.

If your insurance company says otherwise, you are either being misled by someone or your insurance company is using illegal and unethical methods. In the latter case, you should report them to the relevant authorities immediately.

The fact is that the hail repair companies on insurance panels get regular business from them and, therefore, cut corners to bring down the repair costs for them. You do not want cost-cutting repairs, especially when it comes to hail damage.

Moreover, these companies may not even offer paintless dent repair, or worse, offer PDR by an uncertified technician, who will likely make things worse.

Why the Dent Guy?

When it comes to hail damage, PDR is your best option and there is no other form of hail repair that can even come close. PDR fixes all your dents and dings in record time without the need for body filler, scrapping, or repainting, preserving the originality of your car.

You only want the best, most experienced, and certified technicians to handle your hail repair, which is why The Dent Guy in Rochester, New York, is your best option for PDR on hail damage.

Contact Us

Always remember that your insurance company may suggest hail repair companies. However, at the end of the day, the decision is solely yours. You decide where you want your hail repair from, and The Dent Guy is your best option in and around Rochester, New York.

You can even get a free estimate from them online for your hail repair before you decide to visit them. You will not find a better place for PDR services, and we highly recommend that you opt for them from the start.

If you want to learn more about your right to select your own hail repair company or the services of a paintless dent repair certified technician, visit our website today.