Dent Repair for Leased Car Returns

PDR on a leased car

Even though all of us would want to protect the body of our car from inevitable damage, dings and dents are inevitable. Wreck and damage to the car’s body can happen when we least expect it, and the efforts that come along with it is something that we all do not want to deal with, especially if it’s on a vehicle that you are leasing. 

A traditional repair you can get from any car repair shop, can take days at times to complete, and the mere idea of getting one can seem tiring. You’re investing a lot of money in a procedure that isn’t exactly helping you decrease your carbon footprint, and you’ll be spending  more dollars when returning your leased car to have it repaired at the dealership.

In its true essence, a traditional shop repair is just a fancy way of hiding a dent. For this reason, if you have dents, body line damage, or dings on your leased car, consider getting it fixed utilizing the paintless dent repair, or PDR method, so that you don’t have to pay extra money when you’re returning the leased car. 

Understanding How Traditional Repair Works

When a certified car expert starts examining your car to repair it the traditional shop way, they’re going to drill two holes around the damaged part of your car. They then fill that dent with body fillers, and then that damaged area is spray painted over with the paint that your car came with from the manufacturer.

When you get the car after the traditional repair, it might look like that your vehicle is back to new, but you’ve actually lost something extremely valuable from the surface of your car, which is the original paint! So when you’re returning your leased car, the dealership can tell that you’ve gone for a traditional repair in the past, and this will take several dollars off the value of the returned car.

But then again – are there any other options available in the market?

The Modern Way – PDR

Even though you are in complete control of when you’re oiling your gearbox and how often you get your engine checked, the one thing you can’t control is when a four-year-old decides to throw a shopping cart towards your brand new Chevrolet. Taking out your frustration on their parents isn’t a smart solution because incidents like these happen, even when people take out the time to park carefully.

The solution is to opt for a repair that takes away all of your problems and doesn’t decrease the value of your leased price of your vehicle either. According to paintless dent repair specialists, the traditional procedure for repairing a dent can have several issues that leave you with a vehicle that is hard to sell or decreases your lease value. While the results of a traditional repair can look eye-catching, they won’t look great for a long time. 

Getting a paintless dent repair would mean that you’re going to pay a portion of the price for a dent repair that improves your car’s value and can happen in under an hour! Furthermore, the dealership won’t even know that it ever had a dent or ding in the first place since the manufacturer’s paint is still intact! 

So if you have a leased car, make sure that you get that dent or ding fixed soon via the paintless dent repair method. At the Dent Guy in Rochester, NY we have years of experience to get the job done! Contact us today to for a free estimate!