Improve Your Business Image by Removing Dents on the Company Car

Did you know that paintless dent repair, or PDR,  is the best method for removing dents, dings, and hail damage from company cars? It can easily be one of the best methods of improving your business image if your business owns company cars. Maybe you own a ride service, delivery service, or company cars for […]

Meet “The Dent Guy” – Dan Rechichi

Hailing from Rochester, New York, Dan Rechichi, the owner of the Dent Guy, has been performing Paintless Dent Repair since 2011. Before owning this company, Dan was an auto-body technologist for twenty years so he has plenty of experience in the automobile industry. He describes paintless dent repair as the process of removing dents, dings, […]

How to Know if You need Dent Repair or Collision Repair

So, you were driving and knocked into another car accidentally? Don’t worry! It happens all the time. One of the biggest driving hazards is that you may crash into another object and harm yourself and your car accidentally. You can face an accident, so you must know what to do when such a situation occurs. […]

Large Dents Fixed on Site in Rochester with PDR

It is a commonly believed fact that certified technicians can easily fix small dents using Paintless Dent Removal. However, when it comes to large dents, the perception is often that technicians will need to do more work on them, and since they’re large, you can’t perform PDR on them.  This idea is a perpetuated misconception. […]

Fender Dent Repair with PDR

Fenders get busted all the time; this is why the term ‘fender bender’ is used so often in popular media. Many auto-technicians claim that they can repair fenders very easily using paintless dent removal. The position and size of a fender make it perfect for PDR, granted that the paint hasn’t moved from its place. […]

Paintless Dent Repair for a Bumper Dent

No matter how much you care for your car, bumper dents are just unavoidable. Whenever your car is out in public, there is always a risk that it would suffer dents and dings. A kid could bump into your car’s bumper with a shopping cart, a distracted driver could hit your car, or you might […]

Should I Try Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) Myself?

What Is Paintless Dent Removal (PDR)?  Paintless Dent Repair is a method of repairing the dents on your automobile that could have occurred due to a collision or any other accident. Dent repair is one of the most common reasons that you may visit your local auto shop. Bear in mind that not every place […]

Removing Crease Dents with PDR

What Are Crease Dents, and Can They Be Fixed Using PDR? Crease dents or line dents are caused when the car’s body has an impact on an object and then is dragged along it. These seem like more complex dents and might require more time to fix, but they can be repaired using paintless dent […]

Don’t get Scammed w/Cheaper Dent Repair Ads for Hail Repair

Scammers often pick on individuals who have broken cars, are evidently in a hurry and are unaware of the dent repair process. If you live across the riverside area or love to travel, dents and dings from hail are bound to happen.  You may come across dent gypsies, also known as dent repair scammers. These […]

How to Keep Your Car From Getting Dents

For almost every driver, a vehicle is a big investment that requires you to save a significant amount of money. After every driver has purchased the car of their dreams, they try their best to keep it dent-free at all costs, but we all know that doesn’t happen. Especially in Rochester, New York, where traffic […]