Can PDR Fix Car Scratches?

Driving around in Rochester, New York, your car is bound to experience dents, dings, creases, or scratches from time to time. If you have experience with dent repair, you probably already know that paintless dent repair (PDR) from trusted, certified technicians like The Dent Guy is the best option.
It is a quick, cost-effective, and paint-free solution that offers the best dent repair results. Most dents, dings, and creases are eligible for PDR as long as they don’t have paint damage.

Can PDR Fix Car Scratches?

When it comes to PDR, car scratches may have you scratching your head. You may wonder, “can my car scratch be fixed with PDR?” The short answer is both “yes” and “no.”
Let us explain.
There are three main types of car scratches:
• Clear Coat Scratches (Can Be Fixed with PDR)
• These scratches damage the top-most layer of your car’s body, the clear coating.
• Paint Scratches (May Be Fixed with PDR)
• These scratches go past the clear coat and scratch the color coat or the paint.
• Primer Scratches (Cannot Be Fixed with PDR)
• These are deeper scratches that go past the paint and scratch the primer.

Past the primer, the scratch reaches the metal body panel of your car, and it is deep enough to be no longer considered a typical scratch. Such deeper scratches damage the body panel. In such cases, using conventional dent repair methods that involve fillers and repainting becomes necessary to restore the car body.

If a scratch is a clear coat scratch, PDR can fix it. If it is a paint scratch, PDR may fix it, as long as the scratch is not too deep and the paint has not cracked. Primer scratches and damage similar to it usually cannot be repaired using PDR.For example, hail damage repair is possible with PDR because hailstones are not sharp and do not go past the clear coat layer.

PDR Is Still Your Best Option

If you cannot gauge the severity of your scratches, it is always best to consult a PDR-certified technician like Dan, The Dent Guy. He can accurately tell you if your scratches, dents, and dings are eligible for PDR. His vast experience and training allow him to repair deeper paint scratches that most other PDR technicians may not consider repairing using PDR because they don’t have his skills or experience.
Of course, PDR has its benefits compared to conventional dent repair methods, especially when choosing The Dent Guy in Rochester, New York.
• No Use of Paint or Fillers
• Quick Service
• Affordable Dent Repairs
• Immaculate Restoration
• Retention of the Resale Value of the Vehicle
• And More

Why The Dent Guy

Firstly, you must get paintless dent repair from a PDR-certified technician with at least a decade of experience. So, they have the proper PDR training and ample experience. You’ll find both of these qualities in Dan, the Dent Guy.

Secondly, unlike most PDR technicians, Dan offers incredible dent repair results, restoring car bodies from the toughest of dents, dings, creases, and scratches. The scope of his paintless dent repair work is far more expansive than anyone you will find in Rochester, New York.

To learn more about PDR fixes for car scratches or get a free estimate for repairing dents, dings, creases, and scratches, please visit our website today.