Camry Shines Like New with RestorFX

Camry Shines Like New with RestorFX

For those residing in the vicinity of Rochester, NY, the Dent Guy has likely caught your attention as the go-to expert for paintless dent removal (PDR) in New York, spearheaded by the skilled PDR professional Dan, aka the “Dent Guy” himself. While Dan has already gained acclaim for his exceptional dent repair and PDR services, he introduced RestorfX, a new service at his shopt during the past year that has been getting rave reviews. 

What is RestorFX?

RestorFX also known as paintless clearcoat repair (PCR) is a professional surface restoration system. This innovative solution aims to permanently reinstate your vehicle’s body to the sheen and durability of its original factory paint finish, akin to how PDR revitalizes dents and dings.

According to the Dent Guy, RestorFX completely addresses surface damage to permanently restore a vehicle’s exterior without repainting. It maintains the integrity of an automobile by not cutting away vital clear coat and eliminates the need to repaint a car. This solution saves you time and money by pushing the reset button on your vehicle’s paint finish, bringing it back to new again.

The uniqueness of RestorFX lies in its polymimetic surface regeneration, effectively eliminating 99 percent of fading, scuffs, swirls, weathering, and more. This unparalleled outcome is achieved through an advanced application process where RestorFX mimics, replicates, and seamlessly integrates into the exterior finish, restoring the original factory paint finish.

To experience the transformative effects of RestorFX on the exterior surface of your vehicle, it’s essential to entrust the application process to a seasoned professionals at the Dent Guy.

 Benefits of RestorFX 

Opting for RestorFX services from The Dent Guy comes with a plethora of advantages for both you and your vehicle. Benefits includes the following: 

  • An affordable alternative to repainting  
  • Safe for all vehicles 
  • Efficient service 
  • Effective paint correction and surface restoration
  • Permanent and durable results
  • Mirror like finish resetting your car’s paint back to like-new condition 
  • Protection against environmental elements
  • Minimal to no risk

While PDR excels in swift and budget-friendly dent removal, the inclusion of RestorFX elevates the process. The combined effect ensures the removal of dents and dings, complete restoration of your vehicle, and the enduring luster of its original factory paint finish. The outcome is akin to a vehicle freshly off the assembly line, indistinguishable from a brand-new model, even to the keen eye of an expert.

An example of what RestorFX can do for your car – Check out the before and after of a 1994 Toyota Camry with 28 years of New York weather damage. Hazy, oxidized, fine scratches as well as faded luster.  The owner has taken very good car of the car but the paint is showing its age! RestorFX permanently rejuvenated the clear coat on this car that will hopefully give it another 28 years Unlike the traditional washing, paint correction process and then ceramic coating that can die back and fade rather quickly. This finish will last year over year holding onto that original factory finish! 

Contact The Dent  for your PDR and RestorFX Service

Dan’s 30+ years of extensive experience in the automotive industry and dent repairs solidifies his position as the top professional in his field. As a dedicated technician, him and his team takes immense pride in providing excellent customer service for RestorFX and paintless dent repair. 

Trust in their expertise for exceptional results at an affordable cost. For more information about RestorFX, paintless dent repair, or to request a free estimate visit