Mitsubishi Paintless Dent Repair & Removal

What Is PDR?

PDR or paintless dent repair is a non-invasive procedure to repair dents on a vehicle. It doesn’t use any extra paint or material which we can gather from the name. PDR is a relatively novel method that certified technicians have introduced into the automobile industry. It is convenient and relatively inexpensive. If you take your car into the auto-shop, the technicians may likely suggest conducting PDR to your car. 

The Process of PDR 

The process of PDR starts the same for all vehicles. When you take your car into the auto shop, the certified technicians will look at the car and evaluate all the dents. They do this so they know which dent they can conduct PDR on. To be eligible for PDR, the areas with the dents should be clean, and the paint should not have shifted because of impact. If the dents qualify for PDR, your technicians will ask for consent to conduct PDR

They conduct PDR by applying specialist tools and techniques to pop the dent out. Sometimes, they may even employ an alternative method to PDR using glue. This method is called glue pull repair. Using this variety of methods, they will pop out the dent and smoothen the body of your Mitsubishi. Once they have done this, they will send you an invoice for the completion of the job.

Benefits of PDR

There are many reasons for the popularity of PDR. We have listed some of the benefits below:

1. Insurance companies cover the expenses of PDR

If you’re someone who can’t afford to cover the expense of your car out of pocket, you’re likely not to get your vehicle fixed. However, if you have insurance that covers the cost, you will. Most insurance companies cover the expense of PDR, making it an accessible fix for your car.

2. It retains the value of the car 

The car doesn’t lose its value when a certified technician conducts PDR. PDR is paintless, meaning it doesn’t use any extra material or paint. The lack of paint use tells us that the company can retain its value. 

3. It is convenient

PDR has become such a widely popular method that everyone tends to make it available in their auto-shop. This fact means that you can go into any auto-shop, ask for paintless dent repair, and have your request answered.

Why Pick The Dent Guy for Your Mitsubishi?

Here, at The Dent Guy, we have certified technicians who have many years of experience. You should to note that these technicians have worked on many models of Mitsubishi in the past. Thus, they can work on any Mitsubishi you bring in. Our certified technicians are well-versed in the following Mistubishi models, Outlander, Eclipse, Mirage, Adventure, Strada, Montero.

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