Cadillac Paintless Dent Repair & Removal

It doesn’t matter how expensive your car is; with time, they only depreciate. Unlike your home, a vehicle is one of those few investments that Americans make that loses value over time. It is very rare for a vehicle to gain value over time (unless you’re selling an antique vehicle). If you’re thinking of selling your Cadillac, or if you’re looking for the best way to sell it, there are some options you can take. 

You could perhaps try to improve the way your car looks, and this could give you a better deal on the resale value of the car. If you’re living in Rochester, New York, The Dent Guy can help you appreciate the value of your car. 

Our certified technicians are experts in removing dings and dents from vehicles. Whenever a car comes in for a dent or ding repair, our first priority is to fix it with paintless dent repair.

What is Paintless Dent Repair? 

Paintless dent repair is the modern way of getting rid of dents and dings. When a certified technician opts for PDR on your vehicle, they detach the dented body panel from your car. They massage it from the back until the panel is back to its original shape. 

Some insurance companies can cover this expense for you. Insurance companies also recommend that you get dent repair via the PDR method. 

Advantages of PDR

PDR is entirely different from the traditional way of repairing a dent. When your car goes for a traditional dent repair, the technician drills two holes around the dented panel. They then fill those holes with body fillers to fix the dent on your vehicle. That area is then painted, which makes it look like your car has been fixed. 

Because this process has more labor and materials required, it is more expensive than the PDR method, and more time consuming, too.

  • PDR is Affordable

One of the many reasons people in Rochester, New York, prefer PDR is because it costs a lot less than a traditional dent repair. Since Rochester is a crowded city, dents are common, and a PDR would suit any person in this city. 

  • Prolongs the Life Of Your Car

Yes – you read that right. Unlike a conventional dent repair procedure, a paintless dent repair prolongs the life of your car because it doesn’t disturb the protective coating on your car. When your car is shipped from the factory, it has a protective coating on top of the paint. This coating stops the paint from deteriorating. 

The conventional method destroys this coating, while PDR does not touch this coating. Because of this reason, your car’s paint can look fresh for a longer time.

  • PDR is Environmentally Friendly

Another reason people prefer PDR is because it is environmentally friendly. A traditional dent repair leaves harmful chemicals and fumes into the air, which can cause harm to the climate. PDR, on the other hand, doesn’t involve any of these chemicals.