BMW Paintless Dent Repair & Removal

BMW paintless dent repair and removal is some of the most important damage repair we accomplish at The Dent Guy in Rochester.  Our luxury car services are some of the finest around!  Our certified and professional dent repair experts take great pride in returning BMW vehicles back to showroom condition.  We cherish each and every one of our customers who trust their BMW luxury vehicles to us after a collision.  We will never disappoint our Rochester BMW owners.  Our paintless dent repair (PDR) services  include all BMW models such as:

  • 1 Series
  • 2 Series
  • 3 Series
  • 4 Series
  • 5 Series
  • 6 Series
  • 7 Series
  • X1
  • X2
  • X3
  • X4
  • X5
  • X6
  • X7
  • Z4
  • i3

Benefits of Rochester Paintless Dent Repair Services?

The benefits of paintless dent repair services are countless.  For starters, taking immediate action on dent repair and removal can save the finish of your BMW over the life of the automobile.  Immediately tending to a car dent or ding using our paintless dent repair services can spare your BMW paint job and remove the chances of unwanted rust.  The original paint finish of your vehicle is preserved as no repainting or fillers are used with our method.  Second, our paintless dent repair services are a far cheaper option then traditional methods of dent repair.  Next, the turnaround time on all of our repairs are far more rapid than other forms of dent repair.  

A single dent can take less than a few hours, compared to days in a repair shop.  Finally, there is no need to file a claim through your insurance, most repairs can be done for less than the average deductible.  This means no Carfax Report is required if you choose not to go through insurance company.  All of our repairs are private and are not reported to Carfax.

Can All Dents Be Repaired Using Paintless Dent Repair Services in Rochester?

No, all dents and damage may not be able to be repaired using  paintless dent repair services.  Some damage are so severe that a combination of both paintless dent repair and conventional methods must be used.  If the damage on your vehicle is deep or creased, the metal may be stretched and cannot be repaired without using conventional methods.

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