BMW Mini Cooper Paintless Dent Repair & Removal

Nothing is cuter than seeing a Mini Cooper, BMW Mini or simply the Mini, zipping in and out of lanes in New York. These small cars are some of the most popular cars that are being exported out of the United Kingdom because of their performance and affordability. 

With a package as tiny as the Mini Cooper and living in New York, it has become a thrilling driving experience. Apart from its ability to perform at the highest level, the Mini Cooper, has managed to stay relevant. Now if you own one, just like any other car,  you’re bound to get some dents and dings on your vehicle over a matter of time.  Relying on traditional procedures of dent repair can be inconvenient. Here’s how paintless dent repair, or PDR can help.

Paintless Dent Repair on a Mini Cooper

PDR is a restorative process that can remove the dents and dings  from your Mini Cooper quickly. It’s called paintless because there is no need for fillers, sanding or repainting. Instead, certified dent repair specialists apply pressure to both sides of the dent and then utilize specialized PDR tools to remove it. Whether it’s through the glue-pulling method or other types of techniques deployed, your vehicle’s damaged body panel is restored to its original condition. 

The process is also a lot simpler if the damage on your car  is not extensive, so it can take just a few hours to complete. Since there is no need for paint and body filler, this process is faster and a lot more affordable.

The Benefits of Paintless Dent Repair

It Can Save You Money

A traditional dent repair at an auto body shop is expensive. Because you pay the labor intensive repair process of drilling holes into your car, the cost of paint fillers and the cost of storing the car overnight or nights. For this reason, auto body shops charge accordingly for their services.  Since PDR is a lot simpler, it doesn’t cost you a lot of money, which makes it an affordable type of repair.

Maintaining the Value of BMW Mini

PDR can help maintain the value of your BMW Mini Cooper. Since your car’s panels haven’t been compromised and are still intact, your car doesn’t lose value. 

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If you’re wondering whether your BMW Mini Cooper is eligible for PDR, you’ll be surprised to know that at The Dent Guy, our PDR technician specializes in repairing a lot of BMW Mini models such as:

  1. Countryman,
  2. Clubman,
  3. Convertible,
  4. Five door hatch,
  5. Electric and
  6. Hybrid

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