Acura Paintless Dent Repair & Removal

Owning an Acura is a sign of luxury and prestige. It is one of the finest cars Japan has to offer, and the sound of its engine under the hood is like no other. The last thing anyone would want to see on their Acura is a dent or a ding that detracts its beautiful look.

Not only do dents or dings diminish your car’s beautiful look, but they also take away a few dollars from its resale price. At The Dent Guy in Rochester, New York, we are keen on helping you through this trying stage. We specialize in repairing cars so they maintain their value in the long run. Unlike traditional repairs that weaken your car’s structural integrity – our repairs keep your car looking new.

Can PDR Be Used for Every Repair?

Even though it is inevitable to use the traditional method on some dents and dings, it is always our priority to paintless dent repair on most of the dents we repair. We are experienced in repairing multiple Acura vehicles, including:

  • The Acura MDX
  • The Acura RLX
  • The Acura NSX
  • The Acura TLX
  • The Acura RDX

To give you a better idea, the paintless dent repair process can be used on these kinds of dents:

Round Dents

These dents are usually classified in hail repair or hail damage. They can either be caused by hail or by footballs, baseballs, or basketballs. When these objects hit your car, the immediately form this circular dent. But to your relief – these dents can be easily fixed by PDR.

Car Dings

This dent can occur when your car is parked in a parking lot. A shopping cart that is let loose can easily hit your car and cause a ding. Objects flying in the air on a windy day can also cause car dings. Most of these damages are relatively easy and affordable to repair. It would be beneficial for you to get damages like these repaired with PDR. If your used Acura has a perfect body, it can have a much higher selling price. 

Crease Dent

A crease dent is usually more time consuming and more complex than other dents. Because they stretch the metal of the car, it is sometimes not possible to repair them with paintless dent repair. However, it is always The Dent Guy’s priority to repair every dent with PDR.

Why Does Your Acura Need PDR?

It Prolongs the Life of Your Acura

A PDR does not compromise the protective coating on your car’s paint, unlike a traditional dent. Because that coating stays intact, your Acura’s life is prolonged. You can also save dollars on the resale price!

It Is Affordable

Because the PDR process is a lot simpler than a traditional dent repair, it can cost you less money and can also take much less time. 

If your Acura has a dent or a ding, call The Dent guy today to schedule an appointment or get a free estimate. Let us put the pride back in your ride!