Benefits of Using PDR Before Winter

PDR in the Winter

The quarrels of winter are annoying for  most of us. Even though the season takes away the annoying sweaty humid weather of the winters, we’re still introduced to annoying storms or accidents that dents our cars. Even worse, when your car gets a dent, it can lose value, depending on the kind of repair you get. Therefore, it is extremely important that when you detect any car dents or bodywork damage, that you repair it immediately. Otherwise, it can lead to more expensive problems in the future. 

This is true, especially during the winter season as the weather becomes more wet with rain, ice or snow. If you have dents/dings that have not been repaired and have been exposed to these weather elements for a period of time, it can increase the probability of your car to develop rust making it harder and more expensive to fix. For this reason, it is highly recommended to fix it as soon as possible before winter.

If you choose to get your car repaired, which is the best method? Paintless dent repair, PDR, or do you go with the traditional auto body shop? At a traditional auto body shop, the repair can be more costly because the process of repairing a dent or ding sometimes involves drilling holes into your car, adding fillers and repainting your car.  

Because of this reason, you should consider using PDR before the start of the dreaded winter season. Fixing the dents or dings from your car prior to the cold and wet winter months, will ensure that it won’t be rusted or devalue your car. 

What is PDR?

Paintless dent repair is the modern way of repairing dents. Compared to an auto body shop repair, the PDR method is a lot more affordable, mainly because this method of repairing dents is a lot more simpler and doesn’t use up a lot of resources. 

When you leave your car for a PDR, the certified technician starts by examining your car with a special PDR reflective light. This assessment makes it clear to the technician what part of your car needs a repair. After they know which part of your car needs a repair, they use a special tool to massage the dent from the back. 

After they’re done massaging the dent from the back, your car looks brand new, and the best part is, the original paint on the car isn’t compromised either!

The Benefits of PDR

Since the PDR method is a lot simpler, it costs less money and is a lot quicker than an auto body shop repair. Most of the cars that come in for a PDR are repaired the same day, depending on the extent of the damage, therefore, several people in Rochester, New York prefer getting a PDR. 

Additionally, the PDR method is also environmentally-friendly since most of the cars that get a paint job get spray painted. The paint that is released into the air is harmful to the environment and it can also increase the carbon footprint. However, even though it is our preference to repair every car with PDR, our hands are tied in a few situations. 

Dents that Can Be Repaired By PDR

  • Circular Dent

These dents are usually caused by a baseball, basketball, or football. These dents are easy to repair with the PDR method and are one of the most common dents you can find on a car. 

  • Ding

A car ding is a sharp dent that is a result of a collision with a shopping cart while your car is parked at a shopping mall. 

If your car has suffered a ding or a dent, The Dent Guy  in Rochester, New York can help your cause! Contact us today to find out if your vehicle is a candidate for getting a PDR done before winter weather makes it worse!