Basics of Glue Pulling in Paintless Dent Repair

In recent times, the method of using a glue gun to remove dents from different vehicles has become increasingly popular. When a certified paintless dent repair, PDR, technician uses the modern way of fixing the dents on your vehicle, an industry-grade glue is applied on the nylon tab, which is then placed on the damaged area. Afterward, the tab is “pulled” which removes the dent from the vehicle. If done correctly, the dent can be removed from your vehicle with just one pull. 

Let’s go over the procedure step by step so you have a better understanding of some of the techniques used by PDR specialists to remove dents on a car. 

Step One

First, the glue tabs are prepared. They are soaked in a mixture which has 91% rubbing alcohol, and once complete, they are left to dry. Once they are dry, they are ready for first use. 

Step Two

Now, the PDR glue stick is inserted in the glue gun. Afterward, the gun is turned on and then heats the glue for five minutes.

The area that has to be repaired must be treated thoroughly. It is cleaned with isopropyl rubbing alcohol and then rubbed again with a clean towel. To ensure that the pull is clean and quick, the certified PDR technician must remove all the grease and the wax from the surface of the car. If the area is not clean properly, the tab can’t be properly attached to the damaged area of your car.

Step Three

There are several sizes of the glue tab that a PDR technician can choose from that suits the area of the damage. Quite simply, a large tab is used for damages that cover more area on the surface of your car, while smaller ones are used for smaller damages. 

Step Four

To save time, all tabs are placed simultaneously on the car by a PDR technician (if there are multiple areas of damage). After all of the tabs are placed, they are removed all at once to save time. 

Step Five

Before the PDR technician touches the tab, they ensure that the glue is hard. Then, they pull the tab and remove the dent from your car. If the glue is still stuck on the car, they remove the glue using alcohol.

This technique of removing dents and dings on a car can be challenging, requires patience, and should only be done by a certified PDR technician who has mastered this technique. We do not recommend people to purchase a DIY kit and then try to repair their car themselves because they think that it will be less expensive, when it actually may damage their car more, to the point of having it then professionally done. 

Moreover, depending on the size and type of dents, this technique of glue pulling is a compliment to other techniques that are often used to repair dents. Whether it’s pushing, pulling or utilizing specialized tools to remove those unsightly dings, know that your best bet is to have it repaired by a professional. 

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