5 Reasons You Should Repair Dents on Your Lease Cars

Leasing a car is always a smart decision than buying it outright. Leasing reduces the burden of payment and covers basic wear and tear over the period of your lease. However, we all know that even if you lease cars, they are bound to get dents, dings, or scratches on the roads.

While coverage for wear and tear includes dents, dings, and scratches to some extent, it does not extend to all of them. Often, you will find that most are beyond your agreement. Always check your lease agreement for the full details; we are certain that it will not cover most damages.

Most people may think they can return dented or dinged lease cars, but this is not the case. You can certainly return it in whatever its condition is, but there are always consequences.

We have come up with 5 reasons you should repair dents on your lease cars, so you have a better idea of why you need to return them with little to no damage.

Why You Should Repair Dents on Your Lease Cars

Here are 5 reasons you should repair dents on your lease cars. Always remember to visit The Dent Guy in Rochester, New York, for dent repair on all the dents and dings of your lease cars.

  • You Have to Pay for Damages Anyway

The first reason to repair dents on your lease cars is that if you return damaged lease cars, you still have to pay for the damages not covered in your lease agreement. You can be sure that the estimate you get from the leasing company will be far more than the actual damage.

Hence, you need to repair dents on your lease cars before returning them.

  • Repair Costs Do Not Get Waived

Contrary to popular belief, dent repair costs do not get waived for any reason. Many people think that if you are leasing a second car, the leasing company may waive off the repair costs on the car you return. This is not the truth, and people should know that nothing is free, especially when it comes to cars.

  • Lender Record

Another good reason to repair dents before you return your leased cars is that when you return a damaged car, it goes on the record. A future lender will see that you are a lease risk because you returned a damaged car, which the lender had to get repaired (even though you pay for the repairs).

  • Credit Score

More importantly, when you return damaged lease cars, it negatively affects your credit score, and we do not need to tell you the drawbacks of having a bad credit score.

  • Future Leasing

Having a bad credit score results in many disadvantages, and the worst of them is that all our future leasing will have higher interest rates. This means you will pay more each month for any new lease that you acquire.

This can easily be avoided if you repair dents on your lease cars.

The Dent Guy for PDR Services

When it comes to dent repair, paintless dent repair (PDR) is your best option. PDR is the most non-invasive, fastest, and relatively inexpensive way to restore your car to its original form. Your lender will never know the difference once a certified technician has performed PDR over the dents.

If you want to learn more about reasons you should repair dents on your lease cars or want the best PDR services from The Dent Guy in Rochester, New York, visit our website today for a free estimate.