5 Common Causes of Minor Dents and Auto Damage

We’re sure that dents and dings are an annoying part of your life if you live in Rochester, New York. Rochester is a crowded city, and if you’re not careful, your car can be on the receiving end of some serious damage. But with that being said, The Dent Guy is always ready to take care of all of your problems. 

The Dent Guy is an expert in Paintless Dent Repair or PDR. PDR is the modern way of removing a dent, which has several advantages over the traditional dent repair. It is all the more important for you if you’re living in New York. 

But why can there be a need for PDR?

Here are 5 of the most common causes your car can get a dent.

Grocery Carts

We can get pretty reckless in the parking lot of a grocery store. But it can be hard to take the blame since carrying a month’s groceries in shopping bags is not really an easy task. A shopping cart makes the journey a lot easier, but then again, this journey has a catch. 

Even if you’re careful, you can’t be sure if every other person in the parking lot will care for your car. People recklessly leave a cart in harm’s way, not knowing it can cause damage to a car. But remember: people can’t be fixed, but you can get a dent fixed. 

Automobile Doors

Another common culprit is the door of another car. That is why, before you park, make sure you’re not parking it too close to another car. Whether intentional or unintentional, when someone decides to get out of their car, they open the car door with full force. To make sure that your vehicle is not damaged this way, park your car in an empty space in the parking lot. 


Hail can often damage the body of your car. But this also depends on the size of the hail. If it’s big enough, it can easily damage the body of your car. Another way your car can get damaged by the weather is through a windstorm. A windstorm can often throw tree branches and small rocks on the body of your car. 

If your car is not parked in an enclosed place during this event, it can get some serious damage. An enclosed place might not be easily available every time. That is why you should check the weather forecast before you decide to drive somewhere.   

Tree Branches

Falling tree branches can also cause damage if you park your car under a tree. Trees can often protect your car from oncoming rain, but then again, a branch can cause damage, too. Before you park, make sure you check and see if the tree has any weak branches. 

Tight Parking Spaces

If you’re unsure whether your car will fit in a parking space – don’t risk it. Taking your car out from a tight parking space can often lead to catastrophic damage.

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